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As Predicted: National Media Only Picks Up Filner Story After Democratic Party Officially Asks for His Resignation

Mind you, this story has been big for about two weeks. But they refused to cover it earlier-- doing so might have cast the party fighting the War on Women in a bad light. Might have made them look like, I don't know, hypocrites maybe? Opportunists? Soulless cogs in a corporate machine selling Marxism and misery?

So, I called the shot:

Hitting the home run to the upper left bleachers:

Psychic? No:

Apart from a Politico story and a Washington Post story, the Leftist Corporate National Media stayed well away from this inconvenient storyline.

I spent five minutes on a podcast at 9:30 predicting this, that the first national media coverage on Filner would be when/if the local party cut him loose -- they will report on the story when the Democratic Party decides to eject the offending intruder from The Collective, but not a moment before. They will not report the story when the Democratic Party is still on the wrong side of it-- that wouldn't be newsworthy.

That would just be a Local Crime Story.



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