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ROVE-STUPID: GOP-E Rigged Nominating Process is Exploding Cigar 

The fumbling bumbling incompetent and witheringly tone deaf Reince Priebus just can’t get out of his own way. The RNC and GOP establishment is much like big government itself in this way, trying to operate outside the constraints of human nature and cause and effect in an attempt to manipulate that which they cannot really ever control from headquarters.

ROVE-STUPID: Only the Establishment Ever Thought Jeb 2016 Was a Good Idea

Karl Rove is no doubt stunned. Oh maybe not recently stunned – as it was widely believed that South Carolina would end it for Jeb most of this past week. But for many months prior, the establishment had assumed Jeb would eventually rise to the top. He was their inevitable one. All of this Trump and Cruz stuff was just a distraction until people got serious.

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Rove-Stupid: Rove and GWB’s New Tone Set the Stage for Trump’s 9-11 Attacks

Rove Stupid: Now it makes absolutely no sense on the surface that going Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan would score points in a Republican primary fight. I mean it’s one thing when Cindy Sheehan goes Cindy Sheehan – but when a Republican Presidential candidate does it? WTF as some might say. And yet it seems to have worked, or at least not backfired.

ROVE-STUPID: Budget Deal the Result of Typical Establishment Psychosis

The establishment’s fear of getting into a budget battle that might lead to a shutdown is just as contrived – and yet just as paralyzing. The media and the Democrats will enter into these budget negotiations by sprinkling a little red paint of assumed Republican blame on the floor, and the simple minded Republican establishment falls for it just like Danby.


Rove-Stupid: Establishment Maximizes Obama Damage While Miminizing Obama Blame

There has been no group of people more responsible for Barack Obama’s breath taking damage to the country – nor his total lack of being held account for that damage- than the Republican establishment. Oh sure, the Jurassic media and Big Hollywood and Big Education and Big Wall Street have all played their roles, but the main enabler is the GOP-e. Make no mistake about that.

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ROVE-STUPID: The GOP Establishment Launched Jihad Denial with Religion of Peace Narrative

Jihad denial did not first manifest in a big way on the left. No, the entire premise of Jihad denial was thrust into the national conversation when President George W. Bush called Islam “a religion of peace” just days after 9-11. True, Bush and his (Rove led) administration was not what many would call really conservative, but they are somewhat distinct from the hard core left.

Fox News Thinks Little of the Top 2 Breitbart Primary Candidates

So much for what Fox News thinks of the two leaders in the Breitbart Primary. It’s pretty clear that Fox has an agenda, and that is to destroy Donald Trump while ignoring Ted Cruz. On the first count, they failed miserably — while they certainly managed to pull off the second one. For now.


Wright: Trump’s Doing Great Work — But Does He Understand the 2008 Economic Crash?

Yet Mr. Trump made some comments on MSNBC and in Iowa in the past few days that indicate he is perhaps unclear about the causes of the 2008 economic crash. However you want to reconstruct the meltdown, the economic problems were clearly set in motion by several decades of liberal policies on lending, housing, mortgages, energy exploration and refining, and more recently, crony and esoteric derivatives on Wall Street.

Goodell, NFL Go Tone Deaf on Vontaze Burfict Ruling

Goodell, NFL Go Tone Deaf on Vontaze Burfict Ruling

In light of the Ray Rice episode, it’s hard to imagine that the NFL would once again undershoot on a player punishment–and yet that’s exactly what has happened in the Vontaze Burfict “ankle gate” case. Amidst a consensus among sports

The Real Reason ESPN Suspended Goodell Critic Bill Simmons

The Real Reason ESPN Suspended Goodell Critic Bill Simmons

If you have any interest in the NFL, and the Ray Rice/what-did-Roger-Goodell-know-and-when-did-he-know-it case, then you have probably heard ESPN contributor Bill Simmons’s f-bomb-laced rant on the topic. Simmons, who edits the sports and entertainment website Grantland and comments on the

ESPN Insults Viewers with Infantile Anti-Redskins Crusade

ESPN Insults Viewers with Infantile Anti-Redskins Crusade

In light of polling data confirming what we already knew–that the vast majority of NFL fans, players, and Americans want the Washington Redskins to keep their name–ESPN is doubling and tripling down on the network’s thinly-veiled political crusade to force owner