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No Tears for Roger Friedman

Sorry that I can’t cry over Roger Friedman’s firing as a columnist from It’s not just that he ignored the age-old advice–don’t blank where you live/eat/work. And it’s not just that as an entertainment industry writer, he was an

Saluting the Dead

So, they just had Queen Latifah sing, “I’ll Be Seeing You,” while they showed the Hollywood people who died last year. It reminded me of how they saluted Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl in 2004 , after she died the year

So Glad Anti-Israel Flick by Israelis Didn't Win

Thank you, Japanese people, for making “Departures” (I’ve never seen it, so forgive me if it’s a bad movie). It would have been a huge tragedy if Israel’s first Academy Award went to the lie-filled, anti-Israel, high-quality Bin Laden cinema,

Is This the First "Allahu Akbar" Oscars?

So Muslim music dude A. R. Rahman said, “Allahu Akbar,” upon winning the first of two Oscars he’s won so far. He says it means, “god is great.” Uh, no. It means, “allah is the greater” or “allah is the

The Coke Scholarships Ad

So, they just had an ad from Oscar sponsor Coke about how if you drink Coca-Cola, you’re helping fund scholarships. Well, yes. But what they didn’t tell you is that those scholarships–some of them, anyway–go to illegal aliens .

Funniest Oscar Moment So Far

By far, the best part of this boring Oscars show is Jimmy Kimmel rescuing Tom Cruise’s non-existent cat from a burning house. Oh, wait, it’s not part of the Oscars. No wonder it’s funny. (It’s an ad for Kimmel’s show.)

Man on Wire & 9/11

While it’s great that an anti-war documentary didn’t win this year (unlike in year’s past) and while I thought “Man on Wire” was a great, fascinating, suspenseful documentary, it was missing one detail that I thought was jawdropping. It’s about

Hoffman Headgear?

I like Philip Seymour Hoffman. Great actor, especially in “Doubt.” But, dude, what’s up with that hat? It’s like a cross between a Muslim kufi and a Russian Jewish yarmulke. I thought black tie means you take the hat off

What Was That About The 'Burbs?

As you probably know, “Revolutionary Road,” was basically a Communist attack on middle-class life in the suburbs. Because, you know, we should all live in overcrowded, high-crime urban centers, where rent- and gun-control and high taxes rule all. We get

"Defiance" Director Not So Defiant on Islamic Terrorism

On Friday, I asked Big Hollywood readers to provide suggested questions for my interview with “Defiance” writer/director, Edward Zwick. The movie is about the Bielski brothers, Jewish partisans, who fought back against the Nazis. They saved hundreds of Jews and

Questions for "Defiance" Movie Writer/Director

Today, I have a phone interview with Ed Zwick, writer/director of “Defiance” and a number of other movies and TV shows. The interview focuses on “Defiance,” starring Daniel Craig. As you may know, it’s the story of the Bielski brothers,