What Was That About The 'Burbs?


As you probably know, “Revolutionary Road,” was basically a Communist attack on middle-class life in the suburbs. Because, you know, we should all live in overcrowded, high-crime urban centers, where rent- and gun-control and high taxes rule all. We get it. But did we really need the Oscars people to repeat it? Was it just me, or were you annoyed when we were told (I think by Jackman, but coulda been one of the other proud high school grads onstage giving out awards) about how the homes of the suburbs in the ’50s “looked nothing like the prisons that they were”? Prisons? As opposed to the Manhattan slum tenements and overcrowding (the movie takes place in the ’50s suburban New York)? And I wonder how many of these celebs voluntary live in shoeboxes, instead of their giant mansions, er . . . “prisons”? Many of these are actually homes from the ’50s that have been remodeled or redecorated.

P.S.–Andy Levy, gay or no gay, “Milk” was booooring and way too long (kinda like the Oscar show). For all the stereotypical “flamboyance” gays are supposed to have, this movie was the exact opposite. A snoozer (but for the stomach turning makeout scene with Penn and James Franco–frankly, I’d rather see Penn make out with his true male love, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; woulda been a lot more interesting).


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