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Diana West

Diana West

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‘Reprehensible And Indefensible’: Did Someone Say Clinton?

I think Debbie Wasserman Schultz is terrified that Trump will do to the Clintons what he does to everything else: Tear down the carefully constructed fake PC edifice and say what’s what. If that ever happens, the Clintons will have to go hide their heads in shame where they belong.

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Diana West: It’s Time to Rally Around Donald Trump

Brent Bozell has called on conservatives to rally around Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the Republican presidential nomination. Ted Cruz is a good man and a fine candidate — my own second choice — but I believe GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is the candidate for American patriots to rally around.


Through Orwell’s Eyes

It is not too many centurions, particularly 100-year-old-plus writers, whose vision of the world is as relevant today as it was when first shared with the public over half a century ago. It is this vision of Orwell, the X-ray view through the cant, platitudes and lies to that ugliest of human drives, the lust for powers absolute, that still distinguishes the British writer, born 112 years ago this week on June 25, 1903. He was only 46 when he died on January 21, 1950. It is his frightening acuity that keeps him not only in the pantheon but even within the orbit of contemporary consciousness.


West: National Review Must Retract ‘FDR, Truman, and Ike: Not Communists, Just Naïfs’ by Ron Capshaw

On April 18, 2015, nearly two years after my book American Betrayal was published by St. Martin’s Press, National Review Online published its fifth piece attacking it. The article is by Ron Capshaw. It is also Capshaw’s fifth attack on my book. Aside from a previous attack in passing also appearing at NRO (which brings NRO’s tally to six attacks in all), Capshaw has published three other attacks on my book at three different outlets.

European terror attacks

Something Missing from Iraq War Debate (As Usual)

The Iraq debate that has erupted three, seven, eight, twelve years too late may end up disproving the old adage, “Better late than never.” Why? Too many glaring omissions from the conversation. Let’s start with Numero Uno: Islam. Once again,

Joseph Offutt

Dim-itude or Dhimmitude: We Have a Crisis

Let’s talk about the Garland, Texas attack by enforcers of Islamic law. Not the physical attack by two Muslim enforcers of Islamic law, but rather the figurative, hardly less virulent attacks by mainly Christian enforcers of Islamic law on cartoon contest organizer Pamela Geller, free speech activist and head of American Freedom Defense Initiative. Judging by the intensity of these ongoing attacks, Geller, a person of exceptional courage, is also extremely effective.

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‘Censure,’ ‘Decency,’ ‘McCarthyism’ — and Truth

I decided to revisit the censure chapter of Blacklisted by History to refresh my memory on the details of the infamous Senate proceeding in late 1954 against Sen. McCarthy. Why study a political procedure that took place over sixty years ago? Aren’t there more pressing matters to study? One might think.

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Remembering Stan 3: The Anti-McCarthy Tripwire

Before I explain what it was like to become friends with the pre-eminent McCarthy scholar of our time, M. Stanton Evans, I’d like to point out some of the pitfalls of the territory, starting with the anti-McCarthy tripwire.


A Postmodern Guide to Shutting Down Speech, and the Truth

In his contribution to the famous 1949 collection of essays by ex-Communists titled The God That Failed, Arthur Koestler carefully illustrates how set language binds thought to ideology at the expense of evidence. Koestler, author of the unparalleled novel of Stalin’s show trials, Darkness at Noon, describes a conversation he had early in his Communist career with “Edgar,” his Party contact, in which they discuss the front page of a Communist newspaper.

Debating 'American Betrayal': The Author Responds

Debating 'American Betrayal': The Author Responds

Author’s Note: This is my response to a recent three-part series by Jeff Lipkes devoted to my book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character at American Thinker. It is an open letter to the writer. This marks



Below is an excerpt from American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character tragically, shockingly, angeringly appropriate for Memorial Day. One day, I hope, the sacrifice of these lost American men, too, will be recognized by the nation — and those

Influence and the Experts

Influence and the Experts

Harry Dexter White: senior Treasury official, Soviet agent and agent of influence — One question I continue to be asked is what motive could possibly have driven the tiny band of anti-American-Betrayal extremists in their “disinformation campaign”–Jed Babbin’s phrase–against the book (debunked here) and their

The Truth about V-E Day

The Truth about V-E Day

In 2012, the AP apologized for firing war correspondent Edward Kennedy for reporting the end of WWII on May 7, 1945  in defiance of military censors accommodating Stalin’s wishes to announce the German surrender on May 8. — Notice the media huzzas for

Obama's Evasive Letter to Benghazi Victim's Father

Obama's Evasive Letter to Benghazi Victim's Father

On September 11, 2013, Charles Woods appeared on Fox News’s Hannity and read aloud four questions about Benghazi from a letter he’d sent to President Obama. Woods, whose son, ex-SEAL Tyrone Woods, was one of four Americans killed in Benghazi

The War of Words Is Over

The war of words to define American Betrayal as being beyond the boundaries of rational, productive debate is over. The same book that Ronald Radosh condemned as “yellow journalism conspiracy theories,” and that David Horowitz publicly declared I “should not

The Rebuttal: Part Three

The Rebuttal: Part Three

THE REBUTTAL: PART THREE You can view part one of the rebuttal here and part two here. CHAPTER 3 THE AGRESSIVELY ATTACKED DETAIL #2: URANIUM The next aggressive attack on detail is plucked from the colossal Lend-Lease program the US

The Rebuttal: Part Two

The Rebuttal: Part Two

THE REBUTTAL: PART TWO CHAPTER 1: “GROUNDLESS AND WORSE,” HE SAYS. BUT NOT IN MY BOOK Radosh presents my entire book and its arguments as a “conspiracy thesis resting on five claims.” He writes: “In this review, I will focus