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Ezra Dulis is a Deputy Managing Editor for Breitbart News and he cannot grow facial hair.

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Girls Season 4, ‘Female Author’ Review: Is Lena Dunham a Secret Men’s Rights Propagandist?

This week's Girls is more evidence for my conspiracy theory that it's actually written by The Manosphere--that group of bloggers united against feminism and preaching the saving power of masculinity. Not once but twice in "Female Author" do we see male characters calling out the women leads for being foolish or fake, and instead of defying their patriarchal judgment, the girls respond in submission and reward the men for showing some backbone.
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Live Updates: Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address

Breitbart News is providing live coverage of President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address, with live updates during the President’s speech summarizing his remarks and capturing reactions from the Breitbart News team on Twitter. 11:00 PM EST: Live updates

Girls, Season 4 Premiere: ‘Iowa’ Review

HBO's Girls continues to walk a dichotomous tightrope: its sympathy for bubble-dwelling white Millennial princesses and its simultaneous recognition of the people who find their entitlement repulsive.
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The 15 Best Songs of 2014

These are, in no particular order, songs that have stuck with me through the year, that still deliver strong feelings after listening to them hundreds of times—songs that have proven some level of longevity already.
Music Playlist: 10 Summer Jams That Are Total Downers

Music Playlist: 10 Summer Jams That Are Total Downers

Most “Song of the Summer” lists give you fluffy, relaxing, free-spirited pop hits, but the discerning music fan understands that all the best songs are sad ones, and any season is perfect for the right downer. So here are a

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