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Frances Martel

Frances Martel

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Wikileaks: Meet the VIP Globalists Hillary Clinton Stood Up at a Morocco CGI Meeting

Conversations revealed in hacked emailed published today by the organization Wikileaks show that Hillary Clinton’s presence at a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting in Morocco was a pre-condition for that government to host it. Clinton never showed, leaving the King of Morocco $12 million poorer and an elite guest list missing an experience many paid handsomely for.


Left Out of Mosul Battle, Turkey’s Erdogan Begins Claiming Liberation of Raqqa

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made clear he wants Turkey to play a significant role in the liberation of Mosul, Iraq, from the Islamic State (ISIS). The Iraqi government has rejected Turkey’s advances, however, and while Erdogan waits for an opportunity to participate in that offensive, he has begun discussing similar military activity against ISIS “capital,” Raqqa, Syria.