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Frances Martel

Frances Martel

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PHOTOS: Brazilians Disguised as Zika Mosquitoes Storm Opening Day of Carnival

As Brazil struggles to contain the Zika virus in what has now become a pandemic, the nation officially begins its annual Carnival. Despite experts deeming the scantily clad nationwide block party an “explosive cocktail” for a mosquito-borne illness, thousands are expected to flood the streets of the nation’s biggest cities and have a good time.

AP Photo/Felipe Dana

Brazil Calls In American Experts as Zika Panic Grows

The Health Ministry of Brazil has requested that American virologists travel to Zika-affected areas and hold high-level meetings with their medical experts, as they collaborate to find a vaccine to prevent the disease from spreading further.


Photos: Brazil Parties Through Zika as Carnival Week Approaches

Brazil has become the epicenter of what the National Institutes of Health has deemed a “pandemic”: the spread of the little-understood Zika virus throughout the Western Hemisphere. Rather than cancel their annual Carnival week, however, most Brazilian governments found ways to cut expenses and incorporate Zika awareness into the party.


Cuba, North Korea to Share Technology, Science Intelligence in ‘Barter’ Deal

The communist governments of North Korea and Cuba have agreed to a new “international collaboration” in which the governments will barter goods and intelligence to avoid having to use any currency in exchanges. The news surfaces as reports suggests North Korea is preparing a rocket launch, while Cuba currently possesses a U.S. hellfire missile through human error.

Getty Images

African Researchers Use Ebola Tactics to Help Latin America Fight Zika

African disease control experts have offered to help Latin America combat the increasingly rapid spread of Zika virus across the Western Hemisphere. While Zika is not a threat in Africa, scientists working to combat Ebola there in the past two years hope to use methods successful against Ebola to prevent similar devastation in South America.


Asia: Singapore ‘Extremely Vulnerable,’ Russia on Alert for Zika Virus

The Zika virus outbreak in Latin America has governments on the other half of the globe panicking. From Singapore to Taiwan to Russia, governments are taking precautionary measures to stop the virus, which experts have linked to significant neurological defects in infants, from spreading out of tropical regions across the continent.