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'Glee,' Jeff Goldblum and the God Squad

'Glee,' Jeff Goldblum and the God Squad

Love was in the air at McKinley High this week, as Glee aired a very special Valentine’s Day episode on the 14th. Plus, we finally got to meet Rachel’s gay dads, which literally made me squeal just a little bit

Last Night on 'Glee': Anti-Troop Hate Hits Primetime!

The following contains spoilers. You’ve been warned. “Glee” was back last night after a month-long hiatus, which means that I’m back now – the morning after. Didja miss me? I missed you. And I missed “Glee” too. On what other

Is Free Birth Control Really Free?

After the birth of our second daughter, my husband and I knew we needed some sort of contraceptive. Not ready for #3, and unwilling to give up the very activity that could lead to another ankle-biter, we decided to take

The Individual Mandate Bullies Americans

President Obama says he doesn’t like bullies. The White House has even launched a website to help kids and parents recognize the signs of bullying and advise them on how to get help. Maybe the White House should take its

'Atlas Shrugged: Part 1' Review: A Timely Must-See

It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. From fashion to societal morality, history keeps on repeating itself. Who ever thought skinny jeans would come back in style? What’s next, stirrup pants and scrunchies? Atlas Shrugged: