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'Carnivale' Creator Counted on to Reboot Dracula for TV

'Carnivale' Creator Counted on to Reboot Dracula for TV

NBC has ordered a new “Dracula” series from writer Cole Haddon and the production team behind “Downton Abbey.” It’s the program’s new showrunner who promises to make the series more than just another trendy vampire project. The new show will

USA's 'Suits': Summer TV Just Got More Interesting

USA's 'Suits': Summer TV Just Got More Interesting

The sophomore season of the USA Network original series “Suits” premieres at 10 p.m. EST tonight, and that means more legal wrangling with some very colorful characters. The series stars Gabriel Macht (“Behind Enemy Lines,” “The Spirit”) as Harvey Specter,

Knauf to Open Up About 'Haunted' Box Narrative

Knauf to Open Up About 'Haunted' Box Narrative

Back in April, we introduced readers to Hollywood writer and producer Daniel Knauf’s latest creation, something he calls a “Box-Narrative.” The first foray into this new narrative, “Bxx: Haunted” can be found at The site has garnered much attention

'Homeland' Finale Review: Anti-American to the Core

**The following contains a ton of spoilers** The first season of the Showtime series “Homeland” mercifully came to an end last night. I say “mercifully” because, while I will never get the hours I invested in the series back, I

Korn on Obama: 'You Built This House of Shame'

Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the band Korn, is not known for speaking his political mind. In fact, one of the tracks on the band’s 2005 album “See You on the Other Side” was titled “Politics,” in which Davis wrote

Sucker Punch Squad: Showtime's 'Homeland' Blames Americans

**Spoilers Ahead** It looks like conservatives skeptical about the new Showtime terrorism series “Homeland” were right after all. I had hoped that show co-producers/co-writers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa of “24” fame would be able to bring us a story

Why Aren't You Watching 'Homeland?'

The new Showtime series ‘Homeland’ is a CIA thriller based on the Israeli television series ‘Hatufim’ (Prisoners of War). The Israeli version follows two IDF reservists after they are released from 17 years of captivity in Syria and how their