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Congress Must Stop FCC's Internet Regulations

It’s an eerie echo of last year’s health care debate, but without nearly as much public attention. Another Christmas Eve, another sixth of the economy taken over by Washington. This time it’s so-called “network neutrality” regulation. President Obama’s Federal Communications

Four States Can Stop Lame Duck Threat

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn made it official: Illinois will have a special Senate election just for the lame duck session. Thus Illinois joins Delaware and West Virginia (both having special elections) as the three states whose winners on election day

Sham Angelides Commission Will Protect ACORN

Congress’s official investigation into the financial crisis, the so-called Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, will convene its first meeting today. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked chairman of the commission Phil Angelides, has deep ties to radical left-wing politics, including the Van Jones-connected