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JP Morgan Shocks Markets: Whither Dodd-Frank?

JP Morgan Shocks Markets: Whither Dodd-Frank?

JP Morgan’s disclosure of $2 billion in trading losses in its Chief Investment Office portfolio, which has now prompted an SEC investigation, is more proof that political rhetoric is rarely based on an actual understanding of the conditions the rhetoric addresses. 

Obama Nation: The Power of Panic

President Obama and the Democratic Party effectively turned every controversial issue they faced over the past three years into a potential crisis, and convinced the American people to support their solutions without question to avert presumed dire consequences. Important works

Standard & Poors Rings The Reality Bell

Standard & Poors (S&P), the credit rating agency that started in business more than 150 years ago and operates in 23 countries, issued the ultimate in realty checks this week when they downgraded its credit outlook for the United States.

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