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We Are All Missing the Point in the Current Political Debate


Our nation will spend more than $40 trillion over the next ten years with at least $15 trillion in deficit spending, while Congress is arguing about how to reduce that deficit by all of 8% – really? With this nonsense debate going on, Mr. Obama has abdicated his presidency and is now campaigning for reelection on a full-time basis. The rest of the world, meanwhile, is simply falling apart.

The Muslim Brotherhood is coming to power in Egypt, Iran is moving deliberately toward nuclear armament and Europe is proving that socialist democracies will fall at their own hand. In the midst of this turmoil, the media has our people focusing on why the top 1% paying 50% of all federal taxes falls short of “their fair share” and why entitlements and government needs to keep growing. We are missing the point – eliminate the noise and the real debate is simply whether our children live free or for the benefit of the state?

Let’s forget all the facts and figures about our growing debt and the increasing involvement of government in our lives and focus on the fundamental definition of liberty: liberty is the freedom from arbitrary control; it is freedom to exercise the unalienable rights endowed upon us by our Creator; it is freedom from oppressive power exerted by government; and it is freedom from all forms of tyranny. While people demand that their neighbors who may be better off economically should be ordered – by law – to share their success with them, what they are really promoting is the ascendancy of the state over the people. What they are missing is that they are demanding the suppression of liberty for their neighbors, themselves and their own children.

The systematic destruction of our economic strength through increased regulation, increased taxation on the job creators, a 50% increase in the national debt in just the last three years and an equal increase in the dependency on foreign governments to fund our debt has turned our nation upside down. We have gone from the world’s last hope to a sideshow and find our great country powerless to help prevent ally nations from economic decline and powerless to stop the rise of tyrannical regimes.

Our people remain divided on why others need to be ordered to do for them rather than why they should find a way to do for themselves. Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party leadership, with the financial and political support of both public and private unions, have openly declared class warfare and are shamelessly promoting larger government as their definition of what they mean when speaking of “fundamentally changing America.”

It is interesting to ask the question, “Are there any Democrats who love the basic principle of liberty that our country was founded upon?” The answer demonstrated over the past three years has been an extremely loud “No!” Republicans are not blameless and have also contributed to the loss of liberty in our country. If not for the 85 members of Congress identified as TEA Party Republicans – all of whom have been vilified by the media, the Democrats and many establishment Republicans – the question could just as easily be “Are there any politicians who love liberty?”

Now what can we, the citizens of a still free society, do to make sure that our children live in the sunshine of liberty rather than bound to the yoke of the state? First thing we need to do is to recognize that we are fighting for our children’s future and put aside any near-term relief government enforced entitlements may bring. Those entitlements paid out today, must be paid for by our children tomorrow! There is no magic here only a zero-sum game. What the government gives you today will be taken from your children tomorrow.

Secondly, Republicans needs to wake up to the reality of politics and stop looking for the perfect candidate to oppose Mr. Obama in 2012. We must recognize that another four years of an Obama presidency will be four more years of economic suicide that will drain liberty from the lives of our children. This president’s failures are many. His domestic policies have failed. His foreign policies have failed. His ideology is counter to liberty and if reelected would set our nation on four more years of self-destruction, resulting a loss of prosperity, security and liberty. Republicans need to rally behind the only candidate in today’s field who could focus the entire 2012 election on Mr. Obama’s failed presidency. That candidate – like him or not – is Mitt Romney. We need a Chief Executive in the White House at this point in our history, not an ideologue. Working to surround Mr. Romney with a conservative House and Senate will assure that our children will have their chance for liberty.

It is time to rise above all the noise and all the deflection by the media and the Democrats. We need to think about our children and remember all those who shed blood so that they would have their chance at liberty – true liberty. It is time to stop missing the point and focus on what needs to fall into place to preserve liberty for one more generation. It will then be in their hands to pass it forward.


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