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Angel Plays Devil to Wichita State Tourney Run

Angel Rodriguez scored ten of his career-high 28 points in the final two minutes of Saturday’s second-round game, leading Miami over 11th seeded Wichita State 65-57. The victory marks the second Hurricanes Sweet 16 berth in four years and third trip in program history.

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Massachusetts Trio Looks to Shoot 3-for-3 in 2016 NBA Draft

Although college hoops season ends in April, by February full-time pro scouts know several of the names Adam Silver will call at June’s NBA draft. After debriefing a veteran NBA scout this month, Breitbart Sports learned that 2016 could mark the first year the commissioner calls three Massachusetts residents since adopting its current two-round format.

A Basketball Vagabond’s Tale

Paying for a draft choice while the Celtics owners weren’t paying attention at the 2006 draft, doing radio play-by-play as Rick Pitino’s assistant at Boston University, and assisting Cleveland State to a Sweet 16 run from 600 miles away suggests Leo Papile is unlike his modern coaching brethren.

‘Become a Football Star, It’s Your Only Chance’

In 1941, when Jack Kerouac boarded a bus for New Haven, the Columbia running back never stopped at the Yale Bowl. Shamed for arriving at training camp a day late and subsequently botching Columbia Coach Lou Little’s misdirection plays, Kerouac quit football in early fall. “As if I joined football for ‘deception,’ for God’s sake,” Kerouac wrote.

Puff Pieces for College Basketball Castoffs Put the BS in CBS

In two of the oddest articles this summer, senior college basketball writers Jon Rothstein and Gary Parrish throw pity parties for a player (Brandon Austin of Providence, Oregon, and Northwest Florida State) twice accused of sexual misconduct and a fired coach (Donnie Tyndall) jobless for a mere three months.

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NBA Draft: Mystery of Knicks Pick Evokes a Red Auerbach Ruse

At tonight’s NBA draft in New York, the hometown team holds the fourth pick. Phil Jackson finds himself in the same position that Red Auerbach occupied 45 years ago—and the former coach with 11 rings wears the same poker face as the former coach with nine rings did so long ago.

Former NBA All-Star Vin Baker Standing Tall Behind Heavyweight Boxer Cassius Chaney

Four-time NBA All-Star Vin Baker stands apart and above the other trainers, cut men, and assorted hangers-on that accompany fighters to the squared circle. The 6′ 11” Olympic gold medalist’s uplifting journey from the bar stool to the ring stool surely beats the story of 1993’s eighth pick in the NBA Draft burning through (and getting burned) nearly $100 million within two decades.

Taxicab Confessions of an NBA Hall of Famer

Catching up with Dave Cowens nearly four decades after he moonlighted as a cab driver while he played center on the defending NBA champions, the Hall of Famer delivers his taxicab confession to Breitbart Sports. He sets the record straight on cab driving, champagne swilling, park-bench bedding, renegade men’s leagues, and eating basketball camp cafeteria food.

Resilient Team Reduced to 6 by Injuries, Dropouts, and Murder Plays for Championship

Roxbury Community College (RCC) Head Men’s Basketball Coach Kwami Green, after losing his best friend and long-time assistant coach to a sudden death this off-season, contemplated leaving his passion for inner-city basketball behind. In January, when his point guard was killed, and a 16 man roster shrank to six, Green realizes that leading RCC is exactly where he needs to be.

David Stern Doubles Down on Gambling

David Stern entered the Massachusetts soap opera circling legislation and proposals for the Bay State’s first legalized casinos. The peculiar pairing of the commissioner with the gamblers begs the question: Did Stern con fans while attempting to restore the league’s image following the 2007 Tim Donaghy scandal?

Play More Hoop? NBA Beckoning Orioles Pitching Prospect

When Notre Dame’s Patrick Connaughton, a Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect, returns to his hometown for Saturday’s game at Boston College, his farewell as basketball’s great Irish Catholic hope will be short-lived, according to one veteran NBA Scout.

After Uprooting Family 7 Times, D-1 Coach Returns Home to Lead HS Team

Sean Ryan’s odyssey to Burke High came after the firing of three straight bosses as he served as an assistant at the College of Charleston, BU, and Holy Cross. Consequently, his family moved seven times because of basketball and could never quite stay in the same place long enough to deem it home.

Improprieties Box out Southern Miss Basketball from Postseason

“I met with our men’s basketball players and coaches this afternoon to inform them of the university’s decision to withhold our men’s basketball team from postseason competition in 2015,” Southern Miss Athletic Director Bill McGillis declared in a written statement on Tuesday.

David Stern Backs Adam Silver on Legalized Gambling

Following the Tim Donaghy scandal David Stern worked passionately to restore the integrity of the NBA by assuring fans that gambling by a referee on games he officiated was simply an isolated incident. But less than a decade later, Stern, his successor, and league owners look to collect.