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Is The Right Wing Blogosphere Afraid Of Pigford?


If you know anything about my background at all, you know I’m a liberal. I’ve been posting stories about the Pigford scandal here on BigGov and my usual haunt, the Huffington Post. I’ve worked for and Brave New Films. I voted for Obama although like many progressives, I’m not thrilled with him.

So, since I’m the stranger in a strange land here on the Bigs, maybe you nice conservatives can explain something to me — why hasn’t the right wing blogosphere picked up on Pigford?

Don’t get me wrong. The mainstream media hasn’t picked up on it either and I’m willing to grant that most of the MSM leans left. The left wing blogosphere has totally ignored the Pigford reporting I and others here have done. But I UNDERSTAND that. This story isn’t good for Democrats.

But where are your guys?

I mean, we have a congressman, Sanford Bishop — a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, for goshsake — admitting he knew about fraud. Admitting it to newspapers. Where’s Rush or Fox News or Malkin or Red State or Coulter or Beck, or…anyone? Instapundit has covered it. Derbyshire did a piece on Pigford a few weeks back but didn’t mention the stuff on this site. And that’s about it.

Again. Democratic Congress. Fraud. Scandal. Billions. And — crickets on the right.

Is it the race thing? They mentioned Van Jones and Charlie Rangel, right? A Breitbart thing? They sure seem to use material he breaks, if memory serves.

Seriously, I don’t get it. Help me out here.

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