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Political Realities Are a Bit Hard for Rep. Maxine Waters to Accept


Seems Rep. Maxine Waters let her private frustrations with President Obama boil over publicly at the recent “For the People” Jobs Initiative forum in Detroit

Rep. Waters has a hard time dealing with reality.

Rep. Waters politely chastised President Obama for not including majority Black Communities on his, “jobs bus tour,” of the Mid-West recently. Water’s went on to publicly admit that she and her fellow Congressional Black Caucus(CBC) Members were/are tired of making excuses for the President within the Black Community, but then admitted that they don’t put pressure on the President because he is beloved in the same community and they don’t want either he or the community coming after them.

I say to Rep. Waters, “if those excuses actually sleep at night, then so be it,” but in reality, President Obama and his handlers know full well that he will receive over 90% of the Black Vote in 2012, no matter how bad things get for the community.

What is really upsetting to Rep. Waters is in reality that she and her fellow CBC members are feeling the heat from some even more Leftist activists within the Black Community, who are asking, “Where is the political payback for once again delivering over 90% of the Black Vote for Democrat Candidates in 2010 and why won’t this President take our calls, let alone be seen in public with us?

Another unpleasant reality that Rep. Waters has to deal with politically is that for the last 50 years people like her and other self-appointed Black Leaders have painted our community into a corner and even with a Black Man (bi-racial) in the White House they seem to get no respect from the powers within their own party. The CBC serves the dual purposes of being the racial attack dogs of the Democrat Party and giving the idea of Socialist Government color, yet when the party can’t deliver on all their political promises they seek to blame someone else and use race as the foil to get compliance on the other side. Remember this is the same CBC that actively worked with the media to portray the Tea Party as a movement of racist backwoods rednecks that long for the days when Black Americans swung from tress by the end of a rope, would delighted if slavery could be brought back tomorrow and finally just could not deal with a Black Man in the White House.

Yet Waters and others like her are going to find it a bit harder this time to sell our community on the myths that, “Electing President Obama in 2008 was the fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream and thus allowing him to lose reelection would be a win for “the Racist Tea Party Movement,” even with things in the Black Community being bad they are, it will be worst if President Obama is defeat for any reason.”

How bad are things nearly 3 years into Hope and Change for our community? Well the community is dealing with a near depression unemployment rate over 15%, with many more who have simply given up on looking for work, 2.5 out of 4 homes are either in foreclosure or underwater, now I would dare any CBC to say, “Our community is better off today that it was nearly 3 years ago.”

Rep Waters complain all you like now, but at the end of the day you know full well that President Obama will have your undying support along with the rest of the Democrats that make up the CBC. Your frustration comes from the fact that if President Obama is reelected, you will once again be relegated to the shadows to complain and dismissed.

I am a Conservative American (who happens to be Black)and I saw the light more than 20 years ago. In my opinion I believe that the election of President Obama has left some in our community feeling like this was their greatest chance to get on the Democrat Political Bus, but once again they were left to chase that same bus huffing in the toxic fumes from behind, even if the driver now looks like one of us this time.

Now if that is not a hint for you Maxine, I can only say this to you, “that reality is a,”——- well it has something to do with a female dog in heat and go figure the rest that quote out for yourself.

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