Mayor Bloomberg: Online Ammo Bad, Money From Online Ammo Good

Mayor Bloomberg: Online Ammo Bad, Money From Online Ammo Good

Yesterday, I had a post that looked at the fact that Mayor Bloomberg has recently spent a lot of time going after online ammunition sales. However, I also pointed out that his own NYPD has a record of selling used brass (spent bullet casings) to ammunition manufacturers who then reload the ammunition and sell it online.

Case in point, Georgia Arms, a Georgia-based company that buys thousands of tons of used brass from the NYPD, reloads it, and sells it online at a fair price. 

During a question and answer session with Bloomberg on Monday, a reporter seized on these things and asked the Mayor how he could both criticize online ammunition sales yet sell manufacturers the components to make ammunition for online sales. Bloomberg did not like the question. And he simply responded that the sales would go on as before, saying the casings which NYPD sells “are not bullets, they are scrap metal.”

In other words, Bloomberg is going to continue to turn a profit off the spent casings for New York City, he’s just not going to call bullet casings by name while doing it. 

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