Reno ATF: Grassley, Heller, and Amodei Demand Answers from Holder

Reno ATF: Grassley, Heller, and Amodei Demand Answers from Holder

Nevada Senator Dean Heller and Representative Mark Amodei joined forces with Senator Charles Grassley to get answers about the US Attorney/Reno ATF rift.  Heller, Amodei and Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding a response and documents.

Senator Grassley sent letters to ATF Acting Director B. Todd Jones, Deputy Attorney General James Cole, and Nevada US Attorney Daniel Bogden to get answers about the rift between the US Attorney’s office and Reno’s ATF. The US Attorney’s office abruptly stopped taking cases from the Reno ATF office in September 2011 causing criminals to be set free.

The three men never sent Senator Grassley a direct answer, but Mr. Jones and Mr. Bogden released a public statement. Senator Grassley learned of the statement through the press.

“The United States Attorney’s Office and ATF are reviewing the allegations and will work to address any issues that could impact the effectiveness of their law enforcement efforts to protect the public from violent crime,” they said.

Senator Grassley, Senator Heller, and Representative Amodei want to know if the ATF office is re-considering taking over these cases, how long it’ll take to review the cases, and who within the office would review them.

They also want to know which ones would be barred within the next six months by statutes of limitations. Remember this battle started over a year ago. Now some of these cases may be null and void due to those statutes of limitations.

Mr. Holder has until October 25 to comply with these requests.