WI Senate: Baldwin Takes $60K from Pro-Iran Group, Pleads Ignorance

WI Senate: Baldwin Takes $60K from Pro-Iran Group, Pleads Ignorance

Tammy Baldwin has come under fire for taking a $60,000 contribution from the Council for a Liveable World. In the October 18 debate with Gov. Tommy Thompson, Baldwin went on to deny having any knowledge of the group. The Council is a Pro-Iran operation that opposes sanctions against Iran and supports the current Iranian political regime.  

The Council’s position on Iran reads:(emphasis added)

Unfortunately, United States policy has been to publicly threaten and insult Iran while taking provocative actions such as adopting a policy of regime change, attempting to increase unilateral sanctions, deploying additional military assets in the region, and arresting Iranian representatives in Iraq. Such policies are counterproductive, strengthening Iranian hardliners and weakening the position of anti-nuclear and pro-democracy elements in Iran.

Baldwin has been supported by the Council since 1988. 

In fact, Baldwin recently flip-flopped on the issue of sanctioning Iran. Now that she has to answer to the state of Wisconsin in her Senate campaign, rather than her usual, more liberal constituency in Madison, Baldwin has flipped on her support for sanctions on Iran. According to Politifact, after opposing sanctions in 2006, 2009 and 2010, she did a 180 flip and voted for them in August of 2012.

This is not the first instance of Baldwin’s alliance with extremist and progressive causes.  Baldwin, a longtime supporter of Nancy Pelosi , introduced a bill that would require children who used HHS services be interrogated as to their sexual preference.

Baldwin has stood consistently against the second amendment, rated with an “F” by both the NRA and Gun Owners of America.  In 1996, Baldwin actually voted against inserting the phrase “right to keep and bear arms” in the Wisconsin State Constitution.  In 2008, she voted to uphold the restrictions on firearm possession in Washington DC.  (H.R. 6842, CQ Vote #601 )

In a move that defies all logic, Baldwin voted against a House resolution that would commemorate the Americans murdered on 9/11. (H. Res. 994, CQ Vote #440) The resolutions reads “Adoption of the resolution that would express the sense of the House recognizing Sept. 11 as a day to remember those who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks, extend sympathies to their loved ones and honor those who aided the victims and risked their lives following the attacks.

In addition, Baldwin co-sponsored legislation to block funding of body armor for US troops. A pro-Israel advocacy group recently made a large ad buy in Wisconsin, highlighting Baldwin’s foreign policy positions, which includes accusing Israel of war crimes.

Rasmussen reports Baldwin with a small lead over her opponent, Governor Tommy Thompson. Perhaps the voters of Wisconsin aren’t familiar with Baldwin’s record?

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