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Poll: Congress Less Popular than Cockroaches, Lice, Root Canals

Poll: Congress Less Popular than Cockroaches, Lice, Root Canals


Now what would you think the Democratic Party’s favorite Public Policy Polling (PPP) would find, if taking favorability ratings for Congress?

PPP found that Congress rated lower than colonoscopies, lice, root canals, and being stuck in traffic. Also beating out Congress were used car salesmen, carnival workers, NFL replacement referees, Genghis Khan and cockroaches.

What could PPP find that would be less popular than Congress?  Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians, John Edwards, Fidel Castro, North Korea, Washington lobbyists, gonorrhea and ebola.

PPP left out Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and Satan, but who’s counting?

Obnoxious polls like this one are just the Democratic Party’s way of insinuating how simply wonderful and patient Obama is in working with an unpopular, recalcitrant Congress. What would you think the chances would be of PPP asking if cockroaches were more likable than Obama?


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