Gosnell Defense Attny Blamed 'Baby Factor' In Part For Guilty Verdict

Gosnell Defense Attny Blamed 'Baby Factor' In Part For Guilty Verdict

Attorney Jack McMahon had an interesting excuse for why he lost for his client, abortion mill operator Kermit Gosnel. It was because of the “baby factor” he said to reporters right after the court adjourned. McMahon called this “a big problem.”

Just what the lawyer meant by “the baby factor” is open to question, but in context it seems that he was saying that the jurors were influenced by the common human emotion of love for babies and that emotional response led the jurors to convict his client.

Oddly, McMahon also blamed the media saying, “The media has been overwhelmingly against him [Gosnell].” That is odd, since the media barely mentioned the trial during its entire run. Further, jurors reported that they had not seen much of the media’s coverage anyway.

McMahon did applaud the jury for taking its job seriously, though.

“So obviously they paid attention. I mean, they didn’t just come down kneejerk and find him guilty of everything, they found, this jury, uh, five murder counts were not guilty and so they obviously took their job seriously.”

Kermit Gosnell was convicted on three of four counts of first-degree murder on May 13.

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