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Cantor Suggests Sequester Could End for Entitlement Cuts, Reform

Cantor Suggests Sequester Could End for Entitlement Cuts, Reform

On Fox News Sunday, House Majority Eric Cantor (R-VA) suggested that sequestration may not be the best way to cut spending in the long run and Democrats and Republicans could agree on a deal to end the sequester in exchange for entitlement cuts or sweeping entitlement reform during the next round of budget negotiations. 

“What we have always said in the House…that we want to fix the real problem. The real problem is entitlements,” Cantor said. “We’ve always said sequester is not the best way to go about spending reduction. It was, as you know, a default mechanism, because Congress couldn’t do the job it was supposed to, a couple of years ago.”

The current continuing resolution that funds the government expires on September 30, and there will be only nine legislative days after Congress comes back from the August recess to come up with a deal to continue funding the government. 

“What we need to have happen is leadership on the part of this president and the White House, to come to the table finally and say we’re going to fix the underlying problem that’s driving our deficit,” Cantor said. “We know that is the entitlement programs and the unfunded liability that they are leaving on this generation and the next.”

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