Dem Cites Satirical Blog as Credible News Source in Attacking Obamacare Critics

Dem Cites Satirical Blog as Credible News Source in Attacking Obamacare Critics

On Wednesday, A New York Democratic Congresswoman cited the satirical Borowitz Report, referring to it as a “distinguished comedic think tank,” in order to undermine Republicans at a House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hearing.

Apparently, Carolyn Maloney did not realize that Borowitz was being satirical in his recent New Yorker blog, when he portrayed Republicans as unhappy that the website was moving too fast for consumers. Maloney maintained the “distinguished report” was an accurate assessment of the Republicans’ position on Obamacare.

Not comprehending Borowitz’s “tongue in cheek” spirit implicit in the article, Maloney continued, “The distinguished report went on to criticize some of my Republican colleagues for plotting to make the Affordable Care Act work, criticizing efforts by President Obama and his team to be flexible, making adjustments in their plan.”

The congresswoman may have understood Andy Borowitz was being facetious if she was more aware of the nature of Borowitz’s blog. He regularly contributes to The New Yorker, and he is known for his biting satire and is not to be taken literally. His latest post, making fun of the “selfies” trend, rendered this scenario: “The Hubble Space Telescope, whose mission is to capture images that help scientists better understand the universe, has instead spent much of the past several weeks transmitting an annoying series of self-portraits, NASA scientists confirmed today.

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