Michael Bloomberg: 'This Has Nothing to Do [with] Gun Control,' But We Want More Gun Laws

Michael Bloomberg: 'This Has Nothing to Do [with] Gun Control,' But We Want More Gun Laws

During a June 1 appearance on Meet the Press, Michael Bloomberg said his efforts for more gun laws in the wake of Santa Barbara have “nothing to do [with] gun control.” He simultaneously affirmed his hope that Elliot Rodger’s stabbing three people to death and shooting three others to death will finally be the impetus for more gun control.

Rodger also tried to kill four people by running them down with car.

Bloomberg said his efforts are about keeping guns out of the hands of “criminals, people with psychiatric problems… and minors.” He said these are “three groups 80 or 90 percent of the public thinks should not have guns.”

He said his goal is to encourage “the public [to get together], tell the Congress and their state legislatures, ‘We want reasonable background checks. We don’t want to end the Second Amendment; this has nothing to do [with] gun control.'”

When asked if Rodger’s actions would lead to more gun rules, Bloomberg said, “You certainly hope so.”

Bloomberg also criticized concealed carry laws that allow law-abiding citizens to carry guns on campus for self-defense.

But it is not about gun control.

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