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Good Afternoon! I received a call this morning – from the Republican Party. A very lovely sounding woman came on the line and thanked me for my support during the past election, that enabled such a good showing battling the Democrats, and would I care to renew my support with a check for $600 today in order to… “oh wow, something’s burning on the stove, I’m sorry I can’t talk right now” CLICK.

I hung up. Shaking my head I resumed reading my email. Then I stopped, reached for the phone, hit star-69. The connection did not go through, but I wanted to tell that kind woman what I really thought about ‘the good showing’ the Republican party did that past election! Yeah, I voted for McCain…but I’m one of those who felt like Ann Coulter – “On November 4, let’s all get drunk and vote for John McCain!” This was the best candidate our party could field to take on the Liberal onslaught? Has George Bush so mangled the GOP in 7 yrs that we should be enthusiastic about pushing a pseudo-Conservative, a ‘moderate’, a let’s-all-get-along- with-Marxists, water-it-down, closet Lefty?

Say it ain’t so!

But I didn’t say any of that. I pretended to be burning something on the stove. Okay, I hadn’t had my coffee, I wasn’t up to thinking yet. But as my funk was simmering, I happened to receive an email from my lovely cousin, Lisa in Idaho. Seems she had written a piece last month and was wondering where she could post it. I read it, and boy did she come to the right place. She encapsulated everything I would love to have told that Republican Party solicitor, had I not had been fake-setting my kitchen on fire. (The vitriole accompanies the passion, but hey – she’s Italian; ya gotta love the WOP’s!)

So with her permission…and for your dining and dancing pleasure…here is a rant from my beautiful cousin in Idaho, Lisa Collini:


I am not famous. I do not have lots of money. I am not in politics. All I have to offer you is my vote, which should make me and all my friends, the 56 million of us who voted Republican, very powerful to you.

Here is my message to you: FIND YOUR VOICE!!

Do you realize who we HAVEN’T heard from January 2006 until August 2008? ANY REPUBLICAN IN CONGRESS!!!

You handed the microphone over to the Democrat leadership in the House and Senate and watched silently as they turned that microphone into a megaphone, and you allowed their message, unopposed, to be carried across this nation and around the world by the blatantly liberal Media. You have now given the liberal mainstreet Media a mandate.

You allowed Mrs. Pelosi to erroneously state, after the 2006 election, that the reason the Democrats won the majority is that the American people want out of Iraq. And instead of Republicans owning the reason for their loss, that being they had adopted liberal Democrat policies of big spending, big earmarks and big government, you were silent. Do not allow Mrs. Pelosi to state that the American people agree with liberal democrats! Conservatives voted moderate and liberal republicans out of office; they did not vote liberal democrats in!

I applaud the Republicans who chose to stay in Washington in August and do their jobs and work hard to find solutions to the oil crisis. And while they were there, why didn’t they point out that under Pelosi’s leadership, the cost of gas almost doubled??? And, for that matter, why, in two years, haven’t any Republicans in Congress publicized that lowering gas prices was on Pelosi’s agenda for the first 100 days of the 2006 Democrat Congress? Or the fact that she accomplished nothing that was on her agenda for the first 100 days. Or the fact that since she’s been Speaker of the House, the “culture of corruption” shifted over to the Democrat side of the aisle!

The financial crisis was, in large part, the result of skyrocketing fuel prices that caused severe hardship to our economy, from workers’ commuting costs increasing, to the hardship on our nation’s trucking business, which resulted in higher costs of goods and services to the consumer. That part of the financial crisis is the direct result of Pelosi’s unrelenting refusal to allow ANY legislation that would result in lowering fuel prices, including but not limited to DRILLING FOR OUR OWN OIL and, as Senator McCain suggested, a moratorium on Federal gas taxes.

The mortgage/housing crisis was caused in large part by Congressional Democrats and that’s going back to the Clinton administration. Why have no Republicans in Congress been speaking up about this? Why are Republicans in Congress afraid to speak out about Barney Frank’s participation in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle, or Maxine Waters’ participation or any of the other Democrat members of Congress who encouraged lenders to lend to people who could not afford to purchase a home, or who, like Chris Dodd, got sweetheart loans? Where is your voice, Republicans in Congress?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, normally, but the ultimate financial crisis, I believe, was triggered by Pelosi and Reid for the sole purpose of getting their presidential candidate elected and their Congressional candidates elected and/or re-elected, with no regard for the detriment to the financial market in the United States nor for the global financial market. They only cared about maintaining their power and growing their power, not in the best interests of our country. Similar to Pelosi getting Tom Lantos to do her dirty work and condemn Turkey for 95-year-old atrocities, with the sole purpose of angering Turkey so that Turkey would deny U.S. military access to and through Turkey, to make it more difficult for the US military to win the war in Iraq.

So busy running from President Bush with their tails between their legs, and hiding from all the mainstream Media bullets, Republicans in Congress have ignored the great things this President accomplished, and allowed the mainstream Media and the Democrats in Congress a free rein at the public microphone to constantly bash this President, to constantly bash Republicans. Is it no wonder that the public has such strong feelings of disapproval for President Bush? And since CNN and BBC are the biggest providers of “news” in Europe, is it no wonder the European public has such strong feelings against President Bush? Did you ever consider praising YOUR President? Under President Bush, we have had no attack on America in 7 years, and IT IS NO ACCIDENT! It is because of this President’s resolve, his backbone, his principles and the fact that he absolutely stands on those principles, and because he has actually performed brilliantly Job Number One for a president, to protect America! Under President Bush we have had the lowest unemployment in history and we have had the greatest prosperity. And I have yet to hear this from any Republican member of Congress!

And let me pause for a minute and explain who I am. I am an above-average informed voter. I tape Fox News Channel from Fox and Friends First to On the Record, and all day Saturdays and Sundays. I listen to talk radio daily, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck. When I can’t listen, I go back and listen to archived shows. I read Human Events, The Weekly Standard, NewsMax. Online I read articles from National Review Online, The Heritage Foundation, Townhall, NewsMax, American Solutions, American Spectator, American Thinker, Breitbart, Citizens United, Drudge Report, American Solutions for Winning the Future-Newt Gingrich, and David Limbaugh. My bookshelves are lined with books from the Conservative Book Club.

So when I tell you I haven’t heard from Republicans in Congress, it’s not because I’m not listening or reading or watching, IT’S BECAUSE THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS AREN’T SPEAKING!!!! Well, if you listen to Fox News Channel you can hear some Republicans in Congress speaking, but not very loudly!

For every investigation that either Pelosi or Reid or one of their minions instigates, Republicans need to begin investigations of their own. If the RNC expects contributions from conservatives, they should not expect us conservatives to do their job for them. INVESTIGATE DEMOCRAT LEADERS! TAKE THE INITIATIVE FOR ONCE! STOP PLAYING NICE! Exposing Democrats who engage in shady dealings, who bend laws for their own purposes is NOT partisan! It is a civic responsibility, at the very least. Voters need to know what their party leaders are engaged in. And if the RNC is hesitant because Republican leaders or Republican members of Congress might get caught in the cross-fire, then those Republicans must also be exposed!

Republicans in Congress should stop treating the voting public as the Democrats in Congress do, as if we are just too stupid to understand the “complexities” of government. Overspending is not complex, earmark spending is not complex, corruption is not complex, unethical behavior is not complex. We voters understand that. It’s time our representatives understand that also.

Criticizing the President-Elect is not being mean. I’m not talking about personal attacks. I’m talking about criticizing his spending programs, criticizing his foreign policy, criticizing his taxing policy.

Go on the attack!

Find your voice!



— Lisa Maria Collini


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