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Obama Uses Stimulus For Anti-Choice Measure


We all remember how during the last administration, any government money spent on an affirmation of life, was protested and ridiculed. Adoption counseling and abstinence programs were called unworkable, anti-choice and a squandering of taxpayer money. Any government investment in limiting the full range of choice was considered antagonistic to freedom. One of the first measures of the New Administration was to fund more abortions and eliminate any curbs on their frequency.

So it is with great surprise, that in today’s Drudge Report, I see this headline: “Stimulus to pay for anti-suicide fence…

According to the article, up to 1.5 million dollars will be spent, putting up a fence on the Y-Bridge across the Cuyahoga Valley in Akron, Ohio, to prevent people from exercising their right to Department of Transit assisted suicide. Perhaps, the headline should read: “Obama funds anti-choice program,” because it has long been an established principle on the Left that suicide is a choice.

Many on that side of the aisle, have fought for the right to enlist the services of a doctor to help them out of this world. Suicide doctors are respected for their ability to see the penumbra of the Hippocratic Oath, and their willingness to do just a little harm.

Personally, I have long been an advocate of the right to suicide–especially for environmentalists. For the past forty years we have heard how the world will run out of food and resources within twenty years if we don’t take drastic steps to control population, so I believe that every individual who thinks the world is over-crowded has the right, the duty and the obligation to reduce that population, by one.

In Asian cultures it is considered an act of honor to take your life if you have disgraced your family or associates. Were criminals like Bernie Madoff and the perpetrators of the Stanford-Biden investment scheme raised in that culture there would be no court cases or tabloid headlines. And rather than enlist the Treasury Department, the whole mess could be cleaned up with a call to Aftermath Inc.

So will there be any fallout for the President? Doubtful. It is amazing how adept the Left has become at being on both sides of an issue, and they can always find a victim on either side to spin the story around.

Part of the movement behind the fencing of the Akron Y-Bridge are the parents of a troubled youth who believe he might not have taken his life if he had to climb a fence first. Conversely, in the Terri Schiavo case, the parents were the villains for wanting to keep their suffering daughter alive despite Terri’s heroic husband whose efforts helped her out of her miserable existence.

We can’t fence off every high spot in the nation. Furthermore, when we do it ruins the view for those of us who only want to take a walk across a long, high bridge with an unrestricted view. One of my favorite brisk walks is across the Golden Gate Bridge (a bridge that might also soon be fenced off). At the midpoint, I get an incredible moment of awe from the confluence of human ingenuity and natural beauty aligned there that literally takes my breath away. (Or maybe, it’s just too long a walk for someone so out of shape.)

Fencing off bridges, is just another step in the Ralph Naderization of America; a notion that we are capable of removing every single hazard in America with adequate legislation and disposal of treasure.

Ultimately, we will be left with a diminished nation, barely visible from between the slats of a safety fence.

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