Obama Wants to Buck Us Up

In speaking to the American Nurse Association in the Rose Garden today, Mr. Obama, speaking of the urgent need to pass his hugely exorbitant and grossly ineffective health care bill, said, “”We need to buck up people here,” Obama said. “That’s what nurses do. It’s time for us to buck up the Congress. We need to get this done…”

And I agree – that the President is doing his level best to buck this country up.

His bucked-up foreign policy has signaled weakness to our detractors and encouraged aggression from those who would destroy us.

He bucked up our financial institutions by taking control of over 600 banks. He bucked up the automotive industry with at first his bail-outs with strings, and firing CEO’s, and placing stipulations, regulations and mandates on formerly private companies.

With his ‘cap-and-trade’ bill, he bucked up the energy industry by passing the largest tax hike in history… to further buck up the middle class.

He’s bucking us up with his racist, activist supreme court nominee, the not-so-wise affirmative action judge Sotomayor. He’s bucking up our economy by plunging us into an abyss of debt and raising taxes on those who build industry. He’s bucking up big business; he’s bucking up small business. In fact, the only faction not getting bucked up are the unions and government workers. The message seems clear: A) Join a union or B) Go to work for the government, or C) Do both…. or we’re going to buck you up.

But does the buck really stop there? I think there’s plenty more on the way. Thus far we still have freedom of speech, freedom of expression. But with a revised version of the Fairness Doctrine due to come down the pike to silence talk radio and regulate the Internet, the president and his brood will be sure to buck that up too. After all, it’s only been six months. Plenty of buck-up time still to go.

And we still have the 2nd Amendment in place. The right to keep and bear arms. But as anyone who follows history knows, hardcore socialists can’t wait to inflict all sorts of gun control, restrictions, registrations, and eventually, confiscations on its citizens.

It’s so much easier to control people when they cease to be citizens, and start being subjects.

You see, our leader, President Obama, is the smartest man in the universe. He is so smart, he doesn’t even have to have ever run a business himself in order to decide what is best for businesses. And he doesn’t have to be a doctor or ever have run a hospital to know what is wrong with our health care system and how to make it less expensive and run more efficiently. And he’s never even believed in capitalism and the free market system, but he swears he knows how to make that work oh so much better, too.

You have to admit, this guy is really good at bucking things up.

Now…all you folks who voted for this amazingly charismatic, yet annoyingly vapid, arrogant and incompetent man…I know it’s an embarrassment to admit. And your pride will prevent you from an overt admission that you made a tragically wrong decision last November 4th. But we understand. Sometimes, with a stiff shot of media manipulation and some bad water, we make mistakes. I myself admit to one of momentous stupidity when I, in the mid-seventies, actually cast my vote for Jimmy Carter for Prez of the United States. (However, in my defense, I had been stoned off my gourd for the previous three years, it was college hysteria, and all the hot chicks seemed to be Democrats. Or, come to think of it…not so much hot…as easy.)

But let us put aside our differences, our past mistakes, and our collegiate encumbrances. What’s done is done. Now we are faced with a leader who wants to supersede the Constitution and discount our American way of life for something more resembling a Eurotrash ghetto.

He wants achievement to be punished and restricted…and he wants non-performance, indolence and apathy to be rewarded. He promises Utopia, in which all worries of life are vaporized, and everything is free, paid for by himself, The One…and financed by the suckers who have fallen for that old-fashioned notion of working hard, earning a living, and keeping what you earn to spend on your own family. We are being systematically bankrupted, stripped of our freedom, and saddling our grandkids with monstrous debt.

And Mr. Obama just smiles…and tells us to ‘buck up’.

I think about my country…about the brave servicemen who have paid the price for our liberty…and how those liberties are being quickly eroded and squashed by this new president and his sycophantic, erudite and despicable cronies in Congress…and I just want to cry. But I don’t. I suck it up. Because I know there will be a reckoning. There are just too many of us that love our country and want the socialists to keep their filthy mitts off of it. So …to the parasites…to the statists, socialists, Marxists… to the thieves who continue to pass bills that legalize theft….

Buck me? No…. Buck you, Mr. President.


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