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Lonewolf Diaries: Keep Racism Alive!


Remember the day the healing took place? Remember the day a black man was elected to office by white Americans thereby proving that any established form of racism in this country was a thing of the past? Of course you do silly, and despite what they’ll tell you… so do Liberals.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never met a Racist Conservative in my life. I’ve heard that they’re out there and I’m sure that they exist, but much like a Great White Shark or a decent Joel Schumacher film… I’ve never seen one in real life.


The truth is that a vast majority of Americans are fully on board with a post-racial America. The only problem is that conservatives were the only ones to begin treating it as a reality. They continued standing for the same things that they always had (lower taxes, more power to the individual etc.), regardless of whomever was in office. The almost acted, dare I say it… Color blind.

Liberals, however, need ongoing racism to get votes. Racism MUST be alive for the Democratic party to succeed. After all, how can you promise people to fight an oppressive establishment if you’re the ones running it. Plus, it makes it harder to promise folks all of that awesome free stuff.

Realizing this, Democrats have decided to go on the extreme offensive. They’ve made the decision to create an atmosphere where any disagreement with the current president must undoubtedly contain some sort of “secret racial component.” Liberals don’t believe for a second that tea party protesters are a bunch of Robert Byrd-like Klansmen out there. No, the whole “race” card is a conscious/concerted effort to keep racism alive when it should have been put to rest a long time ago.

After Barack Obama was elected, Democrats knew that reconciliation was taking place, but decided to move things in the directly opposite direction of that. If one were to believe the little world that Democrats have painted to be true, one would have to assume that the United States today is as racist as it’s ever been. After all, when was the last time you saw tens of thousands of racists openly march through the streets of Washington?

Not only are there more racists today than ever before, but they’re not even ashamed! They’re out in the open putting their vitriolic hatred on display for all to see.

I say, that we embrace it. Embrace the “racism” argument. The truth is that the general American public knows that dissenters are not racists, and the fact that the accusation is being tossed around more flippantly than ever is laughable. To compare the actual establishment-based racism that black people faced decades ago to an old man’s corny Tea Party sign is so insensitive and so belittling that I can barely wrap my head around it. Which is exactly why I’m telling everybody out there to give the Democrats just a little more rope. Right now they think that they’re shtick is so cute that they’re unaware of the imminent political suicide they’ll be facing.

If protesting an unprecedented expansion of the Federal government is bigoted… Then slap me and call me a racist! Who’s with me?!

Note* Actual racists need not apply… Sean Penn.

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