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Lonewolf Diaries: Do 'The Jews' Run Hollywood?


Firstly let me say, that I love Ben Shapiro. For those who don’t know, Ben is a fellow Big Hollywood contributor, a good friend… And very Jewish. Having worked my whole life with Jews who seemed content with perpetuating the negative “Liberal Hollywood elite” stereotype, I noticed that Ben was extremely different. What is it that separates too many tinseltown Hebrews from their supposed brethren in faith?


For years, anti-Semites have used the argument that “the Jews run Hollywood.” After all, Hollywood is a cesspool of immorality, dishonesty and the mistreatment of your fellow man, so pinning the blame on the entire Jewish people would seem like an airtight case to those with deep-rooted disdain for the people (Jimmy Carter, take notes). The problem is that a lot of people don’t realize that Hollywood-centric Jews (like say, the Weinstein brothers) have very little, if anything in common with their practicing Jewish brothers and sisters. Don’t believe me? Oh, you are so gentile. Let’s take a gander at a few of the major issues.

Social/Moral Issues: Practicing Jews of faith tend to have very strong views in regards to abortion, the sanctity of marriage, etc. They are a very pro-life people and a very pro-family people. If you’ve ever been to a Jewish wedding, you’ll see what serious business it is. When they marry, it’s for real. On the contrary, their Hollywood counterparts seem all too happy to brag about wife numero quatro and condemn those who oppose abortion as “anti-choice.” Many just choose to skip marriage altogether (it’s a dead institution, you know). Who needs marriage when you don’t want kids and you’ve got abortion as a fail-safe?

War: What is it good for, absolutely nothing… Unless of course you’ve read the Old Testament. Moses kicked butt and took names, as did Joshua. Don’t even get me started on David and friends! Contrary to Hollywood’s “war is never the answer” mantra, it would seem that the Lord of Israel definitely sees it as a viable option in the face of evil. Of course, Hollywood as an institution doesn’t believe in good, evil or any of that outdated silliness. After all, how could they justify their own actions of adultery, gluttony and foolish pride, if they were to accept God’s definition of right and wrong?

Attitude Towards Christians: It’s no secret that Hollywood is notoriously anti-Christian. Ask a practicing Jew who their greatest allies are however, and time and time again you’ll get the same answer: Christians. Sure Christians and Jews have some serious fundamental differences when it comes to scripture. We still, however, share the same common values and principles by which we live our lives. See Hollywood, we CAN all get along!

Israel vs. Palestine: To be honest, I’m not even going to touch this one. Hollywood’s notoriously pro-Palestine views would seem to stem from a hatred for any sort of nationalism … even if it were to include Israel. Still, supporting a terrorist organization like Hamas as they continue to slaughter fellow Jewish people just doesn’t make sense to me any way you cut it, so I’m going to refrain from talking out of my rear here. For more insight on this, I would direct you to the studly Ben Shapiro’s work.

In the end, I guess I’m just hoping that folks don’t lump the off-putting “Hollywood Jews” in with the good, decent people of the Jewish faith. I’ve been seeing a lot of anti-Semitism lately from both the left and the far-right (Alex Jones anybody?), and I find it troubling. So the next time you hear one of the Weinstein brothers or Carl Reiner speak and find yourself disgusted, remember that they would have more in common with Sean Penn than with your local Rabbi.

Also, if it came down to Dennis Prager and Sean Penn in a fist fight, I’d bet the house on Prager. That’s just something to think about…

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