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Dim Bulb: Someone Tell Sheryl Crow Her Planet-Killing Light Bulbs Are Showing


In a recent interview with Katie Couric for Glamour Magazine, Sheryl Crow claimed tea partiers are uneducated and dangerous. In my opinion, using one square of toilet paper at a time is dangerous; but I’m more concerned with personal hygiene than melting ice caps. Sheryl now claims that she was joking when she made the suggestion; but I’ve heard that the roadies who handle her guitars, routinely wear rubber gloves.


In the summer of 2007, Sheryl and alleged home-wrecker, Laurie David put together their Stop Global Warming Tour, consisting of a bus, several semi trucks and a private jet; caravanning across the nation, to tell college students to stop wasting energy. Of course, Crow and David weren’t hypocrites because the bus was fueled with leftover french-fry grease.

In the official press release they promised to encourage college students to “Simply Switch” to CFL light-bulbs. But what kind of bulbs does Sheryl use? Well this was a mystery, until she recently opened her apartment to Elle Magazine. Apparently Sheryy likes her apartment brighter than she is, and CFLs just don’t seem to do the trick.

In her “gallery-like hallway” there is a row of halogen bulbs alongside the right wall to illuminate her cultural appreciation.

In the photo of her bathroom, you can clearly see an incandescent light over her sink, but not a single square of toilet paper. (There are also books all over her house, so it seems she has found a solution to her one-square dilemma.)

In one photo, you can clearly see that the light bulb over her head has been photoshopped out, as if to say that she is out of ideas. It seems someone might have noticed the ideologically contradicting bulb after the photo shoot was completed.

Why did she let photographers take pictures of her light-bulbs in the first place? Either she was to dumb to realize the light bulbs would show, or she was too overwhelmed with vanity to care, when she was approached by Elle with the layout pitch. (Apparently vanity is more than just a bathroom fixture.)

And she is vain. She has never been able to recreate the success of her 1994 hit “All Want to Do,” (which shares a title with the Elle article) because she abandoned the people who actually wrote the song. Not only did she steal their songs, she even stole the band’s name as the title of her debut album.

I suspect her recent environmentalist conversion is just milking a little more notoriety out of one hit song. (Ace of Base should have considered Environmentalism.) And Sheryl will probably be riding that wave long after solar panels have been installed over Santa Monica Boulevard.

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