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9/11 Truther James Brolin: Oh How I Love Me Some Ronald Reagan!


According to yesterday’s Hollywood Reporter (more below the fold), even though actor James Brolin might have attempted to forever cement the world’s memory of Ronald Reagan as a “shallow thinker, indecisive, lost in the past and easily manipulated” through the incredible power of moving pictures via a disgraced mini-series, that was all just a big misunderstanding. In fact, Brolin’s a big Reagan fan! Now. Or maybe he always was. Or, as the Left always does, maybe he’s jumping on the history bandwagon that long ago left him far behind… Reagan was good, Communism was bad. Who knew?

Imagine how difficult it must have been for a fan like Brolin to portray his hero saying this of AIDS sufferers: “They that live in sin shall die in sin.” Of course Reagan never said any such thing and the line was eventually cut before the program aired. But Brolin loves the Gipper.

For those of you who don’t know, James Brolin’s Indian name is Creepy Truther Who Mocks 9/11:


And here here’s Creepy Truther Who Mocks 9/11 referring the “View” audience to a Creepy Truther website, which I’m sure fellow Creepy Truther, Rosie – fire can’t melt steel – O’Donnell, bookmarked immediately:


The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond:

“I thought he was a terrific guy and he was a terrific leader of the Screen Actors Guild, and he was a good governor,” Brolin said of Reagan.

Brolin said he was encouraged to speak his political mind because he objected to Mark Joseph, co-producer of an upcoming feature film about Reagan, telling THR on Tuesday that Brolin “loathes” Reagan. He also believes the Showtime miniseries “The Reagans” has been mischaracterized as a hit piece on the former president.

Brolin, who has a politically liberal reputation like his wife, Barbra Streisand, says he even voted for Reagan for president once.

What kind of a job does Brolin think Reagan did?

“Look at the results. He’s such an Americana attribute. He’s literally our best icon in recent years. He represented America quite well. There were some clandestine things going down, but for the most part I think he was a good president.”

Brolin says his distaste for Reagan is urban legend. “Most of what you see in print is copying what somebody else said.”

But certainly radio interviews where he says things like, “This guy’s weird,” when talking about Reagan doesn’t help matters.

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