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The Joys of Hypocrisy


Well, it’s a story as sordid as it is sordid.

Which is sordid.

Bishop Eddie Long, the well known mega-church pastor, has been accused by two young men from his church of forcing them into private “covenants” involving gay sex. The pastor, of course, claims he’s innocent.


But for the sake of this Gregalogue, what if he isn’t?

That makes him a creepy creep from Creepeville. Population: creep.

Now people in the media love these stories because it allows you to point out the hypocrisy found in religion. This is a pastor who is against gay marriage, but allegedly likes the gay sex. But this is so predictable, boring and easy.

Me, I’d rather argue that it’s okay to hate something, while still engaging in it.

Most people call that “life.”

Examples abound. I hate porn. It’s vile. I often write about it being vile. But when I travel I dabble. Don’t get me wrong – I despise it. But for 3 to 7 minutes a month, I really love it.

Same with drugs. I find addicts to be pathetic burdens on their families and society as a whole. But catch me at a bar at three a.m., and there’s a chance that it’s not the wine causing me to massage the shoulders of a troubled garbageman.

(hey Phil)

So that’s why a man who condemns homosexuality while being gay makes sense to me.

That’s not to say, I agree with his beliefs. The way I look at it, if there is no God then gayness is just an expressed pattern like everything else. And if there is a God, he must love gays because he made so many of them.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobic cyclophobe.


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