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Obama's Gitmo Turnaround


So it’s almost Springtime 2011, and Gitmo’s still open.

I’m beginning to think our President likes the damn place.

Either that, or he realizes it’s necessary- especially when a fair portion of the men released end up back at war with us.

And the rest are just fat.

True, these jerks eat well at Gitmo. Along with 21 TV stations and great medical care – they live better than me.

And, right on the water.

My apartment window looks over a fat man urinating.

Almost, the same thing.

Now I used to think Obama saw these suspects as criminals. Which meant they get all the rights that go with it.

But maybe now he sees them as enemy combatants on a strange new battlefield – where the victims can be found in Manhattan, London and Ft. Hood. I dunno.

So with Gitmo open, and our Prez okay with indefinite detention and military tribunals, you’d think someone might say, “I was wrong.”

I can.

I can say that I never expected Obama to refute Erik Holder. I never expected him to reject his dangerously earnest naiveté about the world, or the disapproving opinion regarding America’s role fighting evil.

I never expected them to see it my way.

So I can say, I was wrong.

But now, they should do the same. After all, they trashed so many people for the very policies they practice now. Remember all that crap Bush got by people like Obama?

Someone deserves a hand-written note.

So it would be kinda cool to see someone say, “Hey, they were right. We were wrong. Holder’s a dope. Let’s move on.”

I’d be okay with that.

Also, I’d like some flowers.

And a dune buggy.

Made of chocolate.

And if you disagree with me, you sir are worse than Hitler.

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