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IMF Chief Thinks Socially, Assaults Locally (Bonus 'Red Eye' Podcast!)


So IMF chief Dominique Strauss-kahn was yanked off a flight at JFK, trying to flee to France after assaulting a maid.

According to the police report, a naked D-S-k pulled the woman into a bedroom, and sexually assaulted her. She fought, but he dragged her into the bathroom, where he forced her to perform oral sex. She escaped, told the hotel staff, who called police.


Now in just about every article, three facts pop up.

One, that Strauss-Khan is known in France, as “the great seducer,” which means they must set the bar pretty low.

Using their standards, Ted Bundy’s a Casanova.

And then there’s the constant reminder of the French, jaded view toward a leader’s sexual appetites – a progressive, permissive attitude that lets them mock those repressed yanks.

Yep – the French are so evolved, that maybe this is no big deal.

She’s just a maid. She’s probably lying. It’s a trap.

My favorite line comes from an ecology Minister named Nathalie Koscuisko-Morizet , who says there is another “clear victim, which is France.”

That’s from a French lady.

Which is maybe why, a previous victim of Straus-Khan didn’t press charges. Tristane Banon was attacked, but says, “I didn’t want to be known, to the end of my days, as the girl who had a problem with the politician.”

Finally, we’re told this guy’s a socialist. Yet, here he is flying first class, renting a three grand a night room. and maybe attacking women.

But socialism is such a grand idea – so much bigger than those who champion it, that it never matters if said champion is a creep. Their awfulness is justified by their desire for social justice.

Which, historically, ends up killing millions anyway.

And if you disagree, you’re a racist homophobe.

Tonights guests:

Joe Devito

Lori Rothman

Krystal Ball

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