Part Seven: Bringing America Home – The Expanding Tree of Useful Idiots

The Chicago Black Sox might appear to be about as American a corruption as possible.

Highly recent testimony to Chicago’s immortally blackened reputation, however, is here.

God bless Ann Coulter!!

Norman Rockwell The Dugout

Furthermore, after having channel-hopped two of the United States’ greatest film noir classics – 1954’s “On The Waterfront” and 1957’s “Sweet Smell of Success” – there is something misleadingly American about the disease still infecting the United States.

Both Chicago’s Unionized Obama Nation and New York’s Bloomberg Occupation on Wall Street?

To coin a relevant movie title, they are “The Swampy Smell of a Waterfront Success!” A “triumph” born of the string-pulling games played by pecking orders in power. A Grand Revival of Political Malevolence in the American Bloodstream is erupting out of the possibly inner-party, Republican opposition to Herman Cain. It not only smells of racism, according to Donald Trump’s accusations, but also of a political desperation that will eventually solidify Cain’s integrity and endurance.

Newt Gingrich is the only one among Cain’s Republican opponents who came to the black candidate’s defense. Meanwhile some of Cain’s other major opponents, Rick Perry and Friends, were blaming Mitt Romney for the dirty tricks being pulled against the increasingly formidable Cain.

This Michael Ramirez cartoon leaves little left to be said about Progressive Racism.

“All Herman Cains, please step to the Right!”

The hypocrisy involved is as breathtaking as the Biden/Pelosi/Pro-abortion/Progressive Catholicism.

Who is running the show over their at the Democratic National Committee? And how often does Pope Benedict XVI have to lecture a former Speaker of the House about abortion?

Fifteen years ago, the minute I announced in Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety that I would leave America because of the Clinton administration’s unconstitutional assault on television’s freedom of speech, I envisioned the likes of Michael Bloomberg coming to my hometown of New York. Although I didn’t expect the next big villain after Clinton to be a black Chicago politician with an Ivy League


The racial insanities contained in that name alone are mind-boggling! A separate sink for conservative blacks in Washington’s politically correct outhouses?! If anything captures the truth about an American Communist toilet, it is Ramirez’ cartoon.

Veiled by the Democrat Party’s “Liberalism,” the Marxist heart of the DNC erupted when William Clinton described himself in his biography as not just a Baptist but a “Progressive” Baptist.

Senator William J. Fulbright was the most “Progressive” of “Progressive” Democrats, and Bill Clinton was nursed at Fulbright’s “well-connected” breast. Clinton’s Rhodes scholarship was cinched by the creator of the Fulbright Scholarship.

I was a Fulbright Scholar and soundly punished in a singularly “Progressive” manner for having publicly voiced my faith in God. A Fulbright Scholar doesn’t return to London from Catholic Italy, praising the power and works of God without being called insane and duly served up electro-shock treatments.

Ironically, the Leftist world might have been better off not giving me such an “electric” deferment from military service, or I could very well have died in Vietnam. There would be no Michael Moriarty of “Law and Order” setting the records straight at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood.

Not only was Sen. Fulbright a Marxist but a flaming racist as well.

Fulbright is a small glimpse of how far back racist Marxism has existed in the heavily “Southern” Democrat Party out of Arkansas. Scratch a Clinton deeply enough and you will find a racist Bill Fulbright.

An authentic but profoundly gifted Far Lefty, Joseph Papp, creator of the New York Shakespeare Festival, was a judge on the Fulbright committee which selected the 1963 Fulbright “Scholars.” Fulbright’s choice of Papp was hardly an accident. Papp’s tragedy was that he could not, try as he may and did, integrate Marxist polemics into William Shakespeare’s Judeo-Christian genius.

I recall my first falling out with Papp when he insisted that I, as The Chorus in Shakespeare’s “Henry V,” recite the opening incantation with a rabble-rousing, noisy crowd of Brechtian back-ups behind me, shouting and basically behaving like extras in a Larry Cohen horror film. I so declined the offer of “help” with my sacredly solo speech that I left the production during rehearsals.

Papp called me back, promising to take out his Marxist improvements of Shakespeare.

Years before that, however, he had advised me, “Don’t take the Fulbright Scholarship! Stay here in New York and build your acting career!”

I doubt if my life would have been altered one bit had I not gone to London. The Left in London was still the same as “Marxists in New York” – now there’s a song for you – but with a more high-toned and seemingly civilized delivery to hide behind.

The last Brit Marxist I’ve spoken with now disguises himself as an “Anarchic Syndicalist!” Now there’s a Communist AKA for you!!

My title for this editorial, Quintessentially American Evil, boils down to the singularly brilliant Community Organization for all of American corruption: the Soviet, decades-long campaign to turn American politicians, gangsters, dizzy-headed youth and shamelessly ambitious American families like the Clintons into “useful idiots.”

Some Brits, including a few in the BBC, have woken up to Soviet “creepiness” faster than Americans.

“Stalin’s useful idiots” have geometrically exploded since the Soviet monster’s death, despite the BBC’s best efforts.

The Obama Nation is hopefully the smelliest but also the last and most undeniably rotten fruit on The Expanding Tree of Useful Idiots.

America would never be able to survive anything worse than this. Four more years of such bipartisan corruption, and a United States without Cain as President will, like my character did in Report To The Commissioner, have hung itself. Cain, unlike the Yaphet Kotto character, is not ashamed of traditionally American Law and Order!

That I played my own character of Bo Lockley as a bit of a lost puppy from the beginning was why the film and I received such bad notices from the likes of far Left critic Pauline Kael.

The useful idiots of Hollywood film and Leftist criticism wanted the Report’s hero played throughout as a completely healthy, lovable puppy who offs himself because of American Evil, American Corruption, American Lies, American Insanity. That way America is the villain! Nothing could be further from the truth than that!

Only now has America approached the insanity of such seemingly irreversible evil as found in “Report To The Commissioner.” Even now, however, the healthiest of us, like Cain, won’t quit on authentic America.

Only Cain is strong enough to renew hope in the likes of “Report’s” Bo Lockley. I, thank God, am not Bo Lockley!

I am now a wizened, 70 year old Ben Stone of “Law and Order.” I prosecute in a courtroom called Big Hollyood.

You gotta problem?


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