Box Office Predictions: 'Avengers' Will Shrug Off 'Shadows,' Shatter More Records

Box Office Predictions: 'Avengers' Will Shrug Off 'Shadows,' Shatter More Records

The box office is truly in uncharted waters.

After last week’s monster opening, “The Avengers” looks to set even more records this weekend. We explored other questions about the upcoming Summer season here. We also have to wonder if the film box office is at the start of not just a successful frame, but a new era.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows.

1. The Avengers ($105 Million) – No, that’s not a typo. The sheer aspect in predicting a film to pull a $100 million-plus gross in its second week feels crazy. Nevertheless, this film will set the record for highest grossing second weekend ever in film history.

2. Dark Shadows ($42 Million) – The pairing of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp is just too delicious for their respective audiences to pass up. If this film can deliver positive word of mouth, it will easily have the staying power to become one of Summer’s most earnest hits.

3. Think Like A Man ($4.5 Million) – Film continues strong and is holding its own against the Summer blockbusters. Many Hollywood features wish they had such profit margins to deal with.

4. The Five Year Engagement ($3.4 Million) – “Engagement” slightly rebounded during the week, but again will have “The Lucky One” on its heels. Look for another close battle this weekend.

5. The Lucky One ($3.3 Million) – Again sets it sights on beating “Five Year Engagement.” Look for their battle to go right down to the wire.

Thanks for dropping in … Sensei wishes you a great weekend.