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Slow Jam Redux: Brian Williams Teams With Jimmy Fallon for Obama Spin

Slow Jam Redux: Brian Williams Teams With Jimmy Fallon for Obama Spin


We’ve already seen Jimmy Fallon shamelessly turn over his “Late Night” spotlight to President Barack Obama to put the administration’s spin before the public.

Now, Brian Williams of NBC News is getting into the act.

Williams, repeating a bit dubbed “slow jamming” the news, appeared on Fallon’s show last night and proceeded to cough up Obama-friendly takes on the debt ceiling situation.

If that weren’t bad enough, the sketch included plenty of sexual innuendos that should be beneath of an anchor of Williams’ status. But heck, when its time to promote the Obama agenda, his media sycophants hardly know the meaning of the word “shame.”

Here are a few high points:

TARIQ, ROOTS SINGER: So we’re still in debt, but it’s alright. The United States clearly couldn’t get any broker. Got to liquidate its assets just like Al Roker.

[Laughter and applause]

WILLIAMS: While most Republicans oppose raising the debt ceiling, several have voiced dissension within GOP ranks, and Democrats are now hoping this will pressure their House leader, John Boehner, and soften his hardline stance.

FALLON: Mmm mmm mmm. Take it from my man Brilly Willy, ain’t nothing worse than a soft Boehner. [Laughter, cheers, and applause] Ain’t nothing worse, especially when it starts leaning a little to the left. [Laughter]

And this: 

WILLIAMS: Obama’s unwillingness to back down on this issue has left the GOP handcuffed, helped in no small way by the President’s strong backing from prominent Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader [sic] Dick Durbin.

FALLON: Hey, hold on. Hold up. You gonna roll up in here talking about handcuffs and dicks? [Laughter]

WILLIAMS: How was third grade, Jimmy?

TARIQ: 50 shades of Brian Williams.

WILLIAMS: Members of Congress have a big job to do.

FALLON: It’s time to come together and raise the roof!

TARIQ: Said the debt clock is rising, there ain’t no denying, the deadline for action is on the horizon. And partisan bickering is spreading like the flu.

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