Shock Jock Don Imus: Jesus Might Have Been Gay

Shock Jock Don Imus: Jesus Might Have Been Gay

Original shock jock Don Imus nearly wrecked his lengthy radio career in 2007 when he called a group of female athletes at Rutgers “nappy headed hoes.”

Imus’s latest outrageous statement, made during an interview with Fox News’ Kirsten Powers, will likely bring him plenty of condemnation from his faith-based fans.

The pair was discussing Biblical matters, and Imus brought up the Gospel of Judas Iscariot.

“There were hundreds of gospels written, only four made it into the [Bible]. There was the Gospel of Thomas, Mary had a gospel, they all had a gospel. But Judas — there’s some indication there that Jesus may have been gay.”

“Oh, come on,” Powers responded.

Imus retorted: “I didn’t write it. Don’t be shooting the messenger here.”

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