Trailer Talk: 'Noah' Lacks Enviro-Preaching (for the Moment)

Trailer Talk: 'Noah' Lacks Enviro-Preaching (for the Moment)

The first official trailer for Noah, the 2014 film from Oscar-winning director Darren Aronofsky, shouldn’t offend spiritually aware audiences.

That might happen later.

Aronofsky famously said he saw Noah as the world’s first environmentalist, causing Christians to fear the epic tale would turn into another Hollywood lecture on green living.

Preview audiences are already split on the film, and it appears the studio and Aronofsky are battling to determine the movie’s final shape. Given the money at stake, these sort of details should have been ironed out long before Russell Crowe stood before the film cameras to play the title character.

For now, the trailer for Noah offers visual splender, a crush of CGI animals, hints of glorious action and a cast worthy of the source material–Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Crowe and Ray Winstone.