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Jon Stewart Defends Nuclear Option, Ignores Dem's Past Extreme Opposition

Jon Stewart Defends Nuclear Option, Ignores Dem's Past Extreme Opposition


Jon Stewart got back on his liberal high horse Thursday night to defend Sen. Harry Reid for embracing the “nuclear option.”

Never mind that prominent Democrats, like President Barack Obama and Reid himself, once railed against the GOP for daring to consider the nuclear option when Republicans held the Senate majority. It’s The Daily Show’s role to protect Democrats at mostly all costs.

Stewart started by taunting the term “nuclear option” as “like the Hiroshima of voting.”

The host quickly moved to describing the process as one that would “only take a simple majority to overcome the filibuster threat,” something he said “makes a mockery of our system of government.”

Stewart is either unaware or unwilling to do a Google search to learn of the Democrat’s past position on the issue. Heck, even the far-right, ultra conservative New York Times once attacked the GOP’s attempt at a nuclear option back in 2005:

The Senate, of all places, should be sensitive to the fact that this large and diverse country has never believed in government by an unrestrained majority rule.

The New York Times reversed course this week to protect the president and his party. One would think a political humorist might make hay from such flip-flopping. Instead, it’s battle stations for Stewart and his Daily Show crew to support Democrats.

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