For Tea Party Detractors and Mainstream Media, Thursday Was An Epic Fail

[youtube 6Eib2di9bq4 nolink]

A Navy Chief once told me that close only counts in three things: horseshoes, hand grenades and area-effect weapons. Now, when it comes down to how the mainstream media tried to portray members of the Tea Party they did not come “close.”

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, America has witnessed a popular uprising of people who have grown concerned by the massive power grab by President Obama and his allies in Congress, who have tried to cram “activist government” down our throats, while leaving the bills to our kids, grandkids and their children’s children.

When the grassroots efforts of the Tea Party Movement first took hold in the early days of the Obama regime, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed the movement as “Astroturf,” disheartened Republicans and racists, who could not accept a bi-racial man as President. The mainstream media and Democrat activists, taking their orders right from the Speaker’s office, tried to portray the political debate as being solely based on President Obama’s race and not the policies of an overreaching government.

During the Health Care debate this same media, along with the Democrat leaders, tried and failed in their attempt to use civil rights icon John Lewis and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus as foils to induce a racial incident to smear the Tea Party Movement — the citizen-reporter was there to bring you the real story and foil their plans.

The blogsphere was able to expose Democrat activists who sought to infiltrate the Tea Party Movement to incite incidents of violence, but once again these plans were foiled by blog sites such as, which exposed Oregon public school teacher Jason Levin the man behind “”


The Democrats and the MSM were left to play with their bottom lip Thursday as Tea Party Members rallied in cities and town across America; much to their displeasure there were no racial incidents, threats or violence. Democrat activists were quickly exposed and removed.

I live in the Washington, D.C., area and if I were to believe the mainstream media leading up to the National Tea Party Rally, I was to have awakened to racist whites chasing minorities through the streets, men and women in white sheets manning roadblocks downtown, politicians fleeing the city as protesters stood outside the Capitol and the White House with torches and pitchforks, mass beatings of Democrat voters and the complete overthrow of a elected government like in some third world nation.


Nowhere can the “Epic Fail” of the attempt to smear Americans can be seen more clearly than in the video above of Kelly O’Donnell, asking Darryl Postell whether “he felt comfortable among his fellow Americans.” I don’t know about Darryl, but I as a Black man feel more comfortable among Tea Party members than the whole nightly lineup at MSNBC.

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