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Terrorist Attack? 'What Terrorist Attack?' Wonders MSM


Now that the hoped for 40-something white male tea party terrorist is out of the picture, the MSM is downplaying the arrest of the suspected SUV bomber, Shahzad Faisal, a naturalized American citizen of Pakistani descent, apprehended as he was trying to flee the country for Dubai.

On MSNBC late Monday night, “terrorism expert” Evan Kohlman repeatedly dismissed the SUV as hardly a bomb at all claiming it only had gasoline and propane tanks and lacked explosives. Amateur hour of a failed wanna-be terrorist.


What the MSM either fails to realize or refuses to face is that this is at least the second successful terrorist attack on American soil, the first being Maj. Nidal Hasan’s attack at Fort Hood last fall.

Shahzad, a recently naturalized Pakistani, successfully planted his weapon of choice at the location of his choice unmolested and undetected. Only the final detonation of the bomb failed, not the implementation of the attack.

Shahzad allegedly placed a car filled with explosive materials in the center of one of the great iconic centers of American culture in the world, Times Square. He successfully slipped away leaving the car bomb to smolder with perhaps mere moments before detonation. The only thing that prevented the successful killing of Americans was an observant citizen who alerted an NYC police officer to investigate the smoking car. Like shoe bomber Richard Reid and the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber, mechanical failure and quick acting Americans may well have saved the day.

There’s an analogy to The Godfather movie here. Powerful movie producer Jack Woltz wakes up next to the decapitated head of his favorite horse in his bed with him. The Godfather’s operatives have placed the severed horse head in the producer’s bed during the night to send a message. The point wasn’t the killing of the beloved horse; rather it showed Woltz that the Godfather could reach out and touch him at will.


Mr. Kohlman may call the methods “crude” and “homegrown.” Nevertheless the SUV bomber was able to plant fear in the heart of New York City on a Saturday night at will. That alone makes it a successful terrorist attack. And somebody in the MSM should start talking about that before other budding terrorists with overseas links to Pakistani Taliban or Al-Qaeda figure out how to obtain more sophisticated weapons.

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