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EZRA KLEIN has entered the room.

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EZRA KLEIN: wassup



EZRA KLEIN: hahahahahaha

Ezra Klein

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: whos got assignmt for 1st period talking points for tomorrow

JOSH MARSHALL: boehlert was supposed to get them from Mr Soros

JOSH MARSHALL: boehlert???

EZRA KLEIN: yo eric where r u

ERIC BOEHLERT: sorry went off to get a red bull

JOSH MARSHALL: ridin tha bull

ERIC ALTERMAN has entered the room.

EZRA KLEIN: hey boehlert whats the assignment

ERIC BOEHLERT: 3 part essay

ERIC BOEHLERT: 1. Explain why unemployment report shows stimulus is working

ERIC BOEHLERT: 2. link BP oil spill to teabaggers

ERIC BOEHLERT: 3. spin latest Gallups

JOSH MARSHALL: crap crap crap and I have a lab assignment for global warming due

ERIC ALTERMAN: o fack me looks like an all niter

ERIC BOEHLERT: thats why i got the red bull


EZRA KLEIN: no prob I totally got the answer key

JOSH MARSHALL: awesome!!! how did u get it???

EZRA KLEIN: I stayed after class and cleaned board for Mr Krugman

EZRA KLEIN: he left it on his desk

EZRA KLEIN: I actually think he wanted me to crib it

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: I wish all the teachers were as cool as Mr Krugman


SPENCER ACKERMAN has entered the room.

EZRA KLEIN: yo attackerman whatup homeslice

SPENCER ACKERMAN: hard out here 4 a gangsta

SPENCER ACKERMAN: who’s got TP assgmt

EZRA KLEIN: ill txt u

JOSH MARSHALL: hey has anybody seen weigel?? he’s usually here by now

EZRA KLEIN: idk thats weird i saw him at 2nd period editorial and he said he be here

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: does anybody else think Mr Krugman is kind of cute? ;)

JOSH MARSHALL: eeeewww gross

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: i mean 4 an old guy

JOSH MARSHALL: maybe,,, but he always has chunks of food in beard and his eyes are kinda crazy

EZRA KLEIN: idk, I think they’re kinda penetrating and intense like Robert Pattinson

SPENCER ACKERMAN: omg omg I <3 robert!!!!="">

SPENCER ACKERMAN: he is so dark and brooding & intense

ERIC BOEHLERT: omg ik what u mean <3 robert!!!="">

EZRA KLEIN: whos going to Twilight Friday???






twilight trees

EZRA KLEIN: i cant i got grounded

ERIC BOEHLERT: wtf??? why???

EZRA KLEIN: got busted for plagiarizing ACORN press release

JOSH MARSHALL: that sux! cant you get out of it???

EZRA KLEIN: i tried

EZRA KLEIN: i promised to write a free review for the WaPo movie section and everything

EZRA KLEIN: sometimes my editors are complete monsters

ERIC BOEHLERT: dont worry Ezra, we’ll bring back a Robert Pattison poster 4 u

EZRA KLEIN: thx I luv u guys

EZRA KLEIN: just dont tell me any plot spoilerz i am going next week when my grounding is over

JOSH MARSHALL: hey matt ask your mom if she can drop us off at the mall AMC at 7


MATTHEW YGLESIAS: i just hope we dont run into olbermann

EZRA KLEIN: eeewww




MATTHEW YGLESIAS: that guy is kinda creepy

EZRA KLEIN: ya,, isnt he kinda old to be hanging around chat rooms and mall theaters

ERIC BOEHLERT: did he ever offer u a ride in his van?

JOSH MARSHALL: ya, like yesterday

EZRA KLEIN: im thinking about growing my hair out like justin bieber

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: omg u totally should it would look so cute on u

ERIC BOEHLERT: ita,,, justin rox

EZRA KLEIN: thats what i thought but it idk how he gets bangs to lay flat like that

DAVE WEIGEL has entered the room.

JOSH MARSHALL: yo weigs where u been


DAVE WEIGEL: fuck!!!!

DAVE WEIGEL: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DAVE WEIGEL: I m totally totally screwed


DAVE WEIGEL: some azzhole has been leaking transcripts from Journolist again and emailed to my editors

EZRA KLEIN: wtf???

DAVE WEIGEL: ya… ALL the stuff

DAVE WEIGEL: ezra u stupid fuck u said this chatroom was off the record

EZRA KLEIN: omg sorry idk what happened,,, i made everybody swear pinky oath

DAVE WEIGEL: a lot of good that does me now, they have all the shit i wrote about the teabaggers even the pictures i posted

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: how bad can it be??

DAVE WEIGEL: this bad



SPENCER ACKERMAN: I thought you were using ProActiv

DAVE WEIGEL: i signed up for the 3 month trial but got the refund

DAVE WEIGEL: if u think this is bad u should see me now, stress REALLY makes me break out

DAVE WEIGEL: omg when this gets out i m going to lose my column and get expelled,,, 4 years of J school down the drain, stupid fucking teabagger ratfuckers

EZRA KLEIN: omg dude i m so sorry

DAVE WEIGEL: no more DC parties and ill have to move back in with my parents

DAVE WEIGEL: they already bitch all the time about the $150 grand they spent on my degree

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: holy crap ezra you have to nuke the site NOW & erase the archives

ERIC BOEHLERT: ya before that Breitbart asshole starts sniffing around

EZRA KLEIN: ok ok ok i’ll do it tonite

EZRA KLEIN: what i cant figure out is who is the ratfucker who is leaking this

KEITH OLBERMANN has entered the room.


KEITH OLBERMANN: hello, youngsters! How are my favorite aspiring Edward R. Murrows?



KEITH OLBERMANN: I can’t tell you how shocked and appalled to hear that there may have been some kind of compromising leak of off-the-record conversations from Journolist, involving David Weigel. Is this true, David?

DAVE WEIGEL: ya i guess so

KEITH OLBERMANN: I can only imagine the career damaging consequences of such a terrible breach of journalistic confidentiality! I suspect that your job at the Post is in serious jeopardy.

DAVE WEIGEL: look man can u come back later?

KEITH OLBERMANN: I’m only here to give you my help, David. Sensing your plight I asked my producers at MSNBC to offer you a recurring job as a contributor on Countdown.

DAVE WEIGEL: srsly??

KEITH OLBERMANN: Absolutely! And at the same pay. All you have to do now is tender your resignation at the Post before they have a chance to fire you, and we’ll have you on the air as soon as we can locate a makeup technician skilled in your condition.

DAVE WEIGEL: wow keith! what can i do to thnk u?

KEITH OLBERMANN: Oh, I’m sure it will all work out splendidly. I’ll drop by in my van to pick you up tomorrow at 11 pm sharp.

EZRA KLEIN: gee Keith ur really a pretty good guy after all

KEITH OLBERMANN: Don’t mention it, lads. Say, would any of you boys care to join me over at Chatroulette tonight?

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