Politico's Jonathan Martin Humiliated by Multiple Named Sources

Relying upon multiple named sources, not Jonathan Martin’s anonymous know-it-alls, new media as an enterprise is humiliating Politico and Martin. For now, they still seem bunkered down. At this rate, it looks like something of a journalistic suicide watch for Politico and Martin, though the reputations of both as sources for credible journalism may, in fact, already be dead in the eyes of many.


Big Journalism’s Retracto weighed in last night, calling for Politico’s Jonathan Martin to correct the record after publishing a smear of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin with false facts, the bulk of them reported based upon anonymous sources. Popular talk radio host and best selling author Mark Levin, was out of the gate early, leading a charge of what is now several named sources calling for Politico to address Martin’s journalistic malpractice.

This is a flat out lie. Sarah Palin never backed out of any interview with me. Period. And John Martin, the reporter, never contacted me to ask me directly. I insist on a retraction.

Sarah Palin herself has also now weighed in via Twitter, pointing out how full of Retracto crap is Jonathan Martin, also pointing out the reporting of Shane Vander Hart, which accumulates solid, named sources directly refuting Martin’s shameful bit of hackery. There’s still more of Vander Hart’s work on this story here.

RT @CaffThoughts New post: Grassley & King Campaigns Confirm with Latest Palin Smear that Jonathan Martin is Full of Crap

Multiple identified campaign sources: Iowa GOP chair Matt Strawn, 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference President and CEO Charlie Davis, Mark Levin, and others have now openly denied Martin’s anonymously sourced, seemingly worthless bit of tripe dressed up as journalism to send a tingle up the leg of Politico’s increasingly impotent inside the beltway readership.

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