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Shocker: Leftist Reporter Prank Calls Scott Walker


Here are the tactics the left and its activist old media is resorting to.

Prank calling Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and trying to trap him into being somebody he is not.

Ian Murphy, a liberal blogger for The Beast in Buffalo, NY lied to Walker and said he was somebody he was not so that he could spend 20 minutes with him on the phone trying to trap him into some sort of indiscretion.

During the phone call Murphy said he was conservative businessman David Koch (a big supporter of Walker’s), so that he could gain his trust and get the inside scoop on the battle between the Unions and the people in Wisconsin.

Listen to the “interview.” Murphy’s got nothin’ He should’ve trashed the tapes and never admitted he lied to misrepresent a conversation between two conservatives. Walker is true to form in a supposed confidential call to a friend, as he in public. That is always reassuring.

[youtube WBnSv3a6Nh4 nolink]

[youtube Z3a2pYGr7-k nolink]

As for Murphy, he takes pride in saying how easy it was to pull off this prank. Let him relish in that. Liberal bloggers across the country are celebrating this as some sort of victory that Walker was so trusting. Yes he was, conservatives tend to trust others and take people at face (or phone) value. Walker won’t be next time and every conservative politician in the country should be put on absolute warning that the left and its activist old media will do whatever it takes to trap them. The left showed its cards and got nothing in return. Nothing.

Bottom line here, it is Ian Murphy who exposed himself as the fraud, and Scott Walker as the real deal.

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