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Brave New Films Announces New Project Targeting the Koch Brothers


The folks who warned us John McCain would die of cancer in office are back. This time they are targeting the Koch brothers with an 8-part film series designed to warm the hearts of liberal paranoiacs everywhere. Step one seems to be to beg for money. Instead of a tote bag, those who donate get a custom designed Shepard Fairey t-shirt:

The world-controlling-octopus has a long, ugly history in political cartoons going back to the 1930s:

And continuing right up to the modern day:

Shepard Fairey’s design:

As far as I know the Koch brothers aren’t Jewish, at least their Wiki page doesn’t say they are. Greenwald, on the other hand, is Jewish and has to be aware of the history. Even if you put that aspect aside, I seem to remember a certain MSNBC scold telling us that cartoonists who depict people in a “half man, half animal form” should be publicly shunned:

[vimeo 20004883 nolink]

Is it time for a Shepard Fairey intervention, Mr. O’Donnell, or do the rules as usual only apply to one side of the aisle?

The new site also offers a list of folks who’ve already become “producers,” i.e. donors. Recognize any names?

There are plenty of real people with the name Howard Wolowitz and it’s certainly possible one of them donates to BNF. But given the general level of unreality of BNF’s output, I choose to believe that the nerdy character from the Big Bang Theory has found a way to make a donation from a parallel universe in which he actually exists:

I won’t post the trailer for the film series, you can see it at the link above. Suffice it to say it looks truly awful. Pounding music that belongs in the next Dan Brown thriller, quick cuts that fail to create any genuine sense of menace, and a bookend by a stiff looking Robert Greenwald whose tone of immediacy sounds forced. Needless to say the trailer fails to mention any of the Koch brothers’ funding of cancer research or the arts. I guess even Brave New Films can’t twist a donation to the ballet into something nefarious.

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