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Hillary’s Email Revelations Followed Request from Benghazi Select Committee

Contrary to claims made a State Department spokeswoman, Hillary Clinton's emails were not requested as part of some records-keeping process. They were requested after officials at the State Department realized they needed the documents to respond to information requests from the Benghazi Select Committee. If not for the Committee's request, it's unlikely the public would have learned about Hillary's private email server.
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Report: Hillary Clinton’s Aides at State Dept. Also Used Private Email

After the NY Times reported Monday that Hillary Clinton used a private email account during her tenure at the State Department, her defenders were quick to claim no harm was done. Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Clinton, told the Times Hillary had "every expectation they would be retained" because she was careful about emailing her subordinates using their official government accounts. Less than a day later, a report by Gawker suggests that may not be true.

Jonathan Gruber in 2013: States Without Exchanges Will Cost Residents

Most observers of the legal battle over Obamacare's subsidies are now familiar with the two clips (one video and one audio) in which economist Jonathan Gruber takes the plaintiff's side, saying only states which set up an exchange will receive subsidies. But a third example of Gruber saying much the same thing has, so far, received very little attention.
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What Obama’s Valentine Story Says About His Islamic Extremism Response

The president's speech at the conference on combating violent extremism Wednesday wasn't nearly as bad as some of his other recent statements on the topic. He did not repeat the silly claim that ISIS is not Islamic. He did not refer to the Crusades or the Inquisition. And he at least attempted to explain why he refuses to adopt the phrase "Islamic extremist."

Leading Expert: Yes, ISIS Is Islamic

The Obama administration made a kind of parlor game out of refusing to connect the Islamic State with Islam. The president himself said it most directly last year when he announced in a prime time TV address, "ISIL is not ‘Islamic.’"

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