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New Tone? Attacking Sarah Palin's Son


Do you think that attacking a baby with Down Syndrome is beyond the realm of human decency? If so, you’re a prude. Get with the times! It’s fun to attack special needs children and call them “retarded.” Sure, I called out the cowards at Wonkette and Louis C.K. at FoxNews earlier today, but this just seems like the kind of thing that requires a double whammy. Afterall, they aren’t afraid of dog-piling on the Palin children. Is there anything more spineless than attacking a helpless baby simply to try and disturb the mother? I contend that there is not … though I once knew a man with a compulsive fear of pickles.

Attacking Sarah Palin’s “Retarded” Son:

[youtube U83fHHkHLS0 nolink]

Note: No adult film stars were actually hired for the making of this video.

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