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Hey, Media Matters! Fact Check This!


Media Matters claims that its purpose is to correct “conservative misinformation.” They use this as a cover to smear anyone – mainly conservatives, but anyone – who dares challenge the Progressive narrative. In light of this, I’m going to give them an opportunity to actually do what their charter, and tax exempt status, requires.

Media Matters, fact check this:

We’re facing the most predictable fiscal crisis in history. The Federal Government has a spending problem. The President and the Democratic National Committee want you to believe we have a revenue problem and have focused their messaging on taxes. The media has failed to ask the tough questions in response to this messaging. The one main question which hasn’t been asked?

Will raising taxes on “the rich” generate enough revenue to bring the deficit and debt under control in the short-, mid-, or long-term?

The answer is no. No matter how much you raise the tax rates on “the rich”, the revenue generated will still be below current spending levels – by a lot. Even if the Federal Government and the Left were successful in punishing success, significant cuts in spending need to be enacted, and soon. Tax revenue to the government has never exceeded 20.9% (in 1944) of GDP regardless of the tax rate. In 2010, tax revenues were 14.9% of GDP and outlays (spending) were 23.8% of GDP. (Source)

There is simply no way the math works without literally severing America from her founding principles of free enterprise and limited government.

Have at it, Media Matters. Put your research interns – I mean, “Fellows” – on this and see if you can do it without citing the various Soros-funded think tanks. Boehlert, if you’re too busy obsessing over Andrew Breitbart or the Birther stuff you desperately want to keep alive, maybe you can get someone from the “Ministry of Truth” to tackle it. I know you’ll probably just ignore it, even though you’re monitoring BigJournalism constantly, and your failure to respond will be proof that the above is, in fact, accurate. But …

We await your response.

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