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Weinergate: Anthony Weiner Selectively Edits Himself?


Anthony Weiner is a real favorite of a lot of Democrats because he’s not afraid to put it out there.

But as Big Government is reporting, maybe he put a little too much out there. Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account appears to have sent out a photo of…ummm…underwear. To a woman who isn’t his wife. There’s no face, though. Just a bulge in some underwear. That’s editing! .

As I write this, the tweet in question is still up at

So, around the same time he was tweeting about hockey, he allegedly sends the underwear photos to the Woman Who Shall Not Be Named. Don’t bother looking there, though. Rep. Weiner’s photos are all erased. And The Woman Who Shall Not Be Named seems to have deleted her entire Twitter account. And, it seems, her Facebook account.

Look what Rep. Weiner tweeted earlier in the evening (as of this writing it’s still in his feed) . I don’t know what it means, but look … why is he talking about Seattle?

Well, could it be because The Woman Who Shall Not Be Named seems to live in Seattle. And Rep. Weiner’s Seattle tweet was retweeted on her account, which likely means she saw it.

So here’s a possible scenario, and though unproven at this point, it does fit all the facts we have so far: Rep. Weiner knows The Woman Who Shall Not Be Named and that she lives in Seattle. She has a bit of a crush on the Congressman. He sends a message out about his Maddow appearance with a message to his Seattle friend in it. After the show, he tries to send her the underwear photo as a direct message but accidentally sends it out publicly. Realizing the problem, she deletes all traces of herself as best she can and Weiner claims to have been hacked and erases his photo account, because there might be EXIF data in the photos that would be revealing – showing which camera took the pictures, etc.

Again, all speculation at this point. But…

No word from Weiner denying it yet.

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