Romney Avoids Another Media Immigration Trap

Romney Avoids Another Media Immigration Trap

Today’s Supreme Court ruling on the Arizona immigration law gave the corrupt media yet another opportunity to try to trick Mitt Romney into playing by their rules. And, as we all know, there’s absolutely no difference between Obama’s rules and the media’s rules.

Ever since Obama violated his oath of office and chose to no longer enforce our immigration laws regarding certain Mexican illegals, the media has eagerly locked arms with the President to help him spring this cynical and obvious political trap. For ten days now, we’ve been fed a steady stream of All Things Hispanic — a narrative that has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with identity politics.

If the media truly gave a hi-ho-hearty damn about the plight of Mexicans, it would give Fast and Furious the attention it deserves — an administration scandal that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens. But like the phony War on Women and George Zimmerman and same-sex marriage — piece by piece, the media is aiding and abetting Team Obama in securing its base.

But let’s get back today’s narrative: Immigration.

The idea here is to pressure Romney into taking a position on immigration that both the media and the White House can then use to beat him senseless. And it doesn’t matter what Romney’s ultimate position will be. The media will still lie and twist and beat him senseless with it.  

We know this because the media is already shamelessly lying about Romney’s time at Bain Capital.

Why in the world should Romney play by the media’s rules and therefore on Obama’s turf when it comes to any policy, but most especially immigration — something the media will most certainly turn into racial dynamite? Why should Romney stupidly turn the focus on himself when the way to win this election is to make it a referendum on Obama by keeping the focus on him?

Because the media’s pressuring him to?

Even some conservatives I respect are thinking it might be time for Romney to “release specifics” on the issue. After the SCOTUS decision was announced, Romney did release a statement but wisely, in my opinion, used the spotlight to take a few more whacks at Obama’s four years of inaction on the issue.

Personally, I’m impressed by Romney’s nerve on this. The media is crafty at labeling their traps’ escape hatches (just do this and we’ll stop) and, more often than not, Republicans fall for it.

Not Romney.

He’s keeping his powder dry, playing a winning game of chicken, keeping the focus on Obama, and staying on message.

Eventually, Romney will of course release policy specifics. But this should be a strategically timed move and an offensive one, not a reactionary one.

Stop worrying about what the media thinks. Think about what the media will do. Romney had a choice today between ten days of pain by getting specific or an afternoon of pain for not.

Like I said before: chess not checkers.


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